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Tennessee Vet’s Cruel Euthanasia Methods Exposed

Baber Injects into the heart for a cruel deathEuthanasia, a Greek term that actually means ‘good death’ is far from what Gallatin, TN vet, Dr, Bill Baber has been giving the dogs and cats he has been employed by Sumner County Animal Shelter to euthanize.

It’s bad enough the incredible number of dogs and cats that are killed every year but until people take responsibilty this sad situation will continue. Is it too much to ask they these poor animal are at least given as merciful a death as possible?

Proper euthanasia methods require that the lethal injection be given intravenously. Baber’s method is to have a jail trustee hold the dog or cat up and he sticks the lethal injection into their hearts.

“He hits them with the needle. They flip. They flop,” said a source who didn’t want his identity disclosed to the public. “They’re just basically going nuts. They’re yelping.”

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North Carolina, Capital of Dog Fighting says HSUS

Dog Fighting DogIt seems since the Michael Vick debacle, dog fighting is the ‘hot topic’ anymore. It’s not necessarily a bad thing but it would have been much better if it didn’t take a ‘celebrity’ case to bring this atrocity to the forefront… finally!

And now the Humane Society of the United States is calling North Carolina the ‘Capital of Dog Fighting’ in the US.

Eyewitness News looks inside the seedy world of dog fighting to find out what happens during the fights, why it’s so popular in this stat and what officials need you to do to help crack down on the crime.

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