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Update on NJ Puppy Broker – Vicki Patterson

puppyWell folks, with everyone’s wonderful efforts, we got scammer and NJ puppy broker, Vicki Patterson who went under NJ Collie Rescue and Referral, off Petfinder but she’s back at it. That’s right, she now has another website where she’s selling ‘rescue’ dogs at a discount.

As you may recall, this “rescue” has been operating like your run-of-the-mill pet store. It was confirmed in a conversation with the commercial kennel owner on June 23, 2008 that all or most of the purebred puppies which were listed on her now-defunct NJ Collie Rescue’s PetFinder website (under the name New Jersey Collie Rescue & Referral) were purchased from the MO breeder whose kennel name was superimposed on some of the pictures.

In fact, the breeder stated she was under the impression that Vicki Patterson was a pet shop owner when she purchased the 12-14 week old puppies at prices “far less than the usual advertised prices” of $200 found on the website. Patterson not only demanded cash only for her “special rescue rates” of $500 to $745, she also stated the puppies were “saved from auction” (which the MO breeder confirmed –what we’ve known for years–that young puppies are rarely, if ever, sold at auctions – that most of the dogs found at puppy mill auctions are older, retired breeders).

Here’s the information I got today, this update was sent to me by Mary Shaver-O’conner of BanOhioAuctions and issued by Libby Williams of NJCAPSA;

  • To contact Vicki directly – >

Just a heads-up to all rescues and rescuers who contacted us about Vicki Patterson and NJ Collie Rescue & Referral Vicki Patterson has a new website and is selling puppies under a new name: Purebreed Puppy Rescue. As you recall, Patterson was suspended from PetFinder and apparently had to find another way to sell her puppies, which are now listed at a reduced price of $400!

She is also selling on this website:

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The Most Aggressive Dog Breeds; Dachshund #1??

Dachshund, the most aggressive dog breedSeems the smallest dogs ranked the highest when it came to human aggression, the top three being the Dachshund, then the Chihuahua and third, the Jack Russell Terrier.

The is the findings recently published by the journal of Applied Animal Behavior Science from a study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania.

Dachshunds, originally bred to hunt badgers, do not have a fearsome reputation due to their size, but research found that one in five dachshunds have bitten or tried to bite strangers, and a similar number have attacked other dogs; one in 12 have snapped at their owners. This put them on top of the list of 33 breeds which were rated for their aggression, after academics analyzed the behavior of thousands of dogs.

Following closely on the heels of the Dachshund is the Chihuahua, a dog noted as the smallest breed of dog. Then the feisty Jack Russell.

Dr James Serpell, one of the researchers, said smaller breeds might be more genetically predisposed towards aggressive behaviour than larger dogs.

“Reported levels of aggression in some cases are concerning, with rates of bites or bite attempts rising as high as 20 per cent toward strangers and 30 per cent toward unfamiliar dogs,” he added.

Until now, research into canine aggression has almost exclusively involved analysis of dog bite statistics. But the researchers said these were potentially misleading as most bites were not reported. Big dogs might have acquired a reputation for being aggressive because their bites were more likely to require medical attention. (Telegraph)

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Humberto Medina cannot believe what he found when his family returned from their vacation For one Arizona family, a fun vacation day trip turned into a day or horror, hurt and devastation when they returned home to find their beloved 6 month old puppy, Taco, chopped in half in their yard.

When Humberto Medina and his family to returned from their day at Knotts Berry Farm, he immediately started calling for their little Chihuahua, Taco. What he found when he looked out the kitchen window into his back yard was incomprehensible to him. His little puppy, chopped in half, dead.

“I was looking at him and it didn’t make sense to me,” Medina said of his initial reaction on Saturday afternoon. “I was shaking my head. No, this cannot be Taco.”

Police who were gathering evidence, are sure that this vicious attack was done by a person rather than another animal due to the manner in the way the dog was mutilated. Scraping blood samples, they’re hoping that the puppy may have bitten his attacker and that some of the blood belongs to that person.

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You Have the Right to Remain Silent……

You have the right to remain silent.....

Animal Rights
Please be advised that this video contains graphic images of animal cruelty that may be disturbing and heart breaking to watch. If you are easily emotional, please do NOT watch this video. This video is not meant to offend or frighten anyone, only to show the silent victims of this painful cruelty. These beautiful and innocent animals are suffering and struggling to survive. How could this happen? How could such painful cruelty happen to these innocent and defenseless creatures? Please hear their silent cries and prevent this torture from continuing. These animals deserve a better life than this cruel fate. Animals deserve a life without pain or fear. Please help save these animals.

Please Help Stop Animal Cruelty

Report animal cruelty to your local authorities and/or humane rescue organization. If you suspect or witness any type of animal cruelty or neglect, please report it immediately.

In many cases of animal cruelty, there was always at least one person who witnessed what was happening to an innocent animal and did nothing to stop it which resulted in the animal’s death.

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