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Nike Signs Michael Vick… Again? – Action Alert

Boycott Nike

UPDATE 10/1/09 – Nike Issues Statement Denying Signing Vick!

After losing a reported $1.5 million when they dumped Michael Vick after he pleaded guilty to his connection to his dogfighting ring in 2007, it’s been reported today that Nike signed an endorsement deal with Michael Vick… again by several news sources.

“Mike has had a great relationship with Nike and is excited to be part of the Nike team again,” Vick’s agent, Joel Segal, told Sports Business Journal.

The managing director of the agency that represents Vick announced the deal Wednesday while participating on a panel at the Sports Sponsorship Symposium.

After cutting ties in 2007, Nike said that they consider “any cruelty to animals inhumane and abhorrent,” and supposed dumped about 30,000 pair of Vick V shoes and dropped the line before distribution.

“Nike is concerned by the serious and highly disturbing allegations made against Michael Vick, and we consider any cruelty to animals inhumane and abhorrent,” Nike spokesman Dean Stoyer said in a statement in 2007.

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Ditched! VIDEO

Not all dogs wound up at shelters because there’s something wrong with them, sometimes, actually far too often, it’s because there’s something wrong with the owners!  Yes, most of us know this but too many people look at shelter animals as “damaged” when they should look at them as survivors.  Most of them just need some TLC and all of them need a home!

Don’t Shop, Adopt!!

Great little PSA!

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Puppies Killed - Jacksonville

Update 10/9/09 – Teen That Drowned Puppies During Burglary Identified

Four months after the horrific crime galvanized Jacksonville, FL, in which a home was burglarized and the burglar took a crate with two little puppies in it and tossed it in the backyard pool for the babies to drown, a suspect has been arrested.  And the suspect is a 16 year old teen!!

You can imagine the how terrible it was for the homeowner to come home that day to find her home had been invaded, ransacked and burglarized but to find her two puppies, cruelly drowned in their locked crate at the bottom of the pool!  She says she’s still traumatized by the incident.

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Voluntary Recall – Nutro Dog Food


Nutro has issued a voluntary recall of a couple of their dog food products.  This information cannot be found on their website – – but can be confirmed by calling the company at 1-800-833-5330.

The following products have been Voluntarily Recalled due to “Possible melted plastic in the bag.”

The products are sold only at Petsmart and/or Petco
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You Want Me to Do WHAT?? Funny

This is undoubtedly the most expressive picture I’ve ever seen of an animal.

You can almost hear him say these words:

You want me to do what??

The look on this dog’s face is priceless…


I’m not smellin’ those!

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Do You Know What’s REALLY in Your Dog’s Food? VIDEO

Most people don’t really think too much about their dog or pet’s food.  Sure, a lot of people like to try to make sure you’re feeding what you think is good food, high quality food but do you really think about or know what’s in the food your dog eats?  I think the pet food recall made people more aware  but most people just switched brands to something that wasn’t on the almost daily growing recall lists.

Even prior to the recall I was interested in what was actually in dog food and started doing some research and what I found out changed what I feed my babies forever!

Jezzie always had serious problem with allergies and it was when I was looking into the possible causes that I discovered what was really in our pet’s food, things most pet food manufacturers really don’t want you to know about.  I wrote a series of articles;

Let’s Talk Dog Food – ‘Dog Food 101? – Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3

And I came across an older video that was sort of a companion to the series – Is ‘Fluffy’ In Our Pet Foods? VIDEO – pretty disturbing! (be patient if you view this video, it take a minute or so to load)

And now here’s yet another video about what’s really in our pet’s food.  I warn you, it’s very graphic and disturbing!!  But more importantly, it’s also very real!!

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lynnette_airLynnette Lolly Lijewski is blind.  She and her Seeing Eye dog, Brook, took a nice walk down to their local Target Store.  Which they do maybe 2 or 3 times a week.  When she entered the store, a woman passed her by and gave Brook a good swift kick in the face.

Lynnette felt Brook react but she had no idea what happened until a young woman came up and said “A woman just kicked your dog!”

Lynnette and the young girl informed Target Security where they viewed the store surveillance tape, and then called the police.  They found the woman nearby.  It’s believed she was intoxicated, but the 46 year old woman (who has not been named) has been cited for animal cruelty.

Intoxicated or not, what kind of trash kicks a service dog – a Seeing Eye dog!  Another new low for human behavior.   She didn’t stumble upon the dog; she went out of her way to kick him.

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Lost Dog Alert – REWARD!


UPDATE – 9/28/09 – 11 am CST – George has been found and and is being picked up to be soon reunited with his “mom”!! WooHooo!!! Fantastic news!!

Check Out the Reunion Pic – Will Put a Smile on your Face!!

I don’t generally do lost dogs, there are so many and I couldn’t hardly keep up with them but this one came across and it touched me.  Please take a moment to read and share.  George is a 20 year old Shih Tzu that is blind and deaf and needs medication.  He was stolen from a car in Boca Raton, FL on Friday (9/25) approx. 10 am.

Below is an;

updated poster with an increase of reward and exact time and location George was stolen. She came back to her car at the dry cleaners 6 minutes later and George was gone, as was her purse! She was parked 5 spaces from Dry cleaners, and thought she had locked her car door, but it didn’t lock!

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A Dog's SoulPitbulls, one of the most maligned and misunderstood “breeds” that exist today is every day gaining more proponents even as the media continues to propagate its hype and myth, even as more cities, towns and municipalities discuss and enact BSL.  But for those who love the breed, who respect it and do all they can to teach the realities, for all those who fight BSL, for those who share their love and lives with them, for those who tend, care for and rescue them, we will not give up!

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Some New Dog Laws Going into Effect for NV

More states, counties, cities and municipalities are taking notice and showing awareness of animal welfare issues and Nevada is one of them.  This Thursday several new laws will be going into effect; one concerning tethering, another which will affect breeders and another targeting animal/dog fighting.  These are all good moves for our companion animals!

First we have a law that will limit chaining/tethering;

Based on Senate Bill 132, dogs can no longer be chained for more than 14 hours a day and they must have at least 12 feet of movement. A few exceptions are made for vets, dog shows and the like.

I still think 14 hours is too much but it’s a step in the right direction. Dogs are social animals and constant chaining has proven to be a major problem for than just one reason. Chained dogs tend to be undersocialized and become very territorial which makes them much more prone to aggression and biting.

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