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Rescue Ink on the Trail of a Dog Killer

Back in October 2009, two dogs named Emma and Luna were shot execution style, and deliberately positioned tail to tail next to railroad tracks in Pennsbury Township, PA a few miles from their home.   This case has been a frustrating one for the Chester County, PA SPCA.  After three long months of following leads with no result, the search for the dog killer hit a dead end.  The Chester County SPCA put out a distress call, and Rescue Ink has responded.

And Rescue Ink has a message for the Dog Killer.  “Come find us before we find you.” 

This was not a random shooting.  It’s not like these dogs surprised someone or threatened someone else’s livestock or chickens.  These dogs were shot between the eyes at close range, moved to another location, and positioned tail to tail.  That was a message.  This killer has made it known that this was a deliberate act.  Whenever you come upon something dead postured in an un-natural position, you know what you’re dealing with.  Someone who likes to kill. 

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Baltic’s Harrowing Adventure

How this little German Shepherd mix got stuck on an ice floe adrift on the Baltic sea is not known.  But what we do know is that the crew of the Sea Fisheries Institute in Poland quickly snatched this boy from what could have been a lonely, freezing, and horrible death.  Just this past Monday, the crew of Poland’s “Baltica” spotted an object on an ice floe.  Initially they thought it was a seal, but as the ship got closer, the seal turned out to be a dog.

The dog’s frozen journey occurred during a very cold winter with temperatures dipping to minus 4 degrees.  This little dog was found adrift 15 miles out in the Baltic Sea – frightened, shivering, with “fear in his eyes”.

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Glynn Johnson – And the Verdict is…. GUILTY! YES!

Glynn JohnsonI know that, like me, many of you have been following Glynn Johnson’s brutal killing of 6-month-old puppy, Karley, from the beginning, hoping and praying for justice.  Well, we are one step closer to justice for Karley with Johnson’s guilty verdict today!!  Yes!  After less than 3 hours deliberation the jury returned a guilty verdict on both counts, felony animal cruelty and a sentence-enhancing allegation of using a deadly weapon against the puppy.

Johnson faces up to 4 years in prison. Sentencing is to take place on March 8.

Needless to say, the Toole’s are pleased with the verdict;

“It’s very emotional. We knew all along he was guilty, but you have to convince 12 jurors of that and … they were right and justified to come to that verdict,” said Shelly Toole.

“We’re just very happy that this stage is done,” added her husband, Jeff Toole. “We knew all along what Glynn was guilty of. It won’t bring Karley back, but justice will be served, and our family can move forward.”

Now we just have to wait and see if there will be a true Justice for Karley. I don’t hold my breath for a max sentence although that would be nice even though that doesn’t even come close to justice for the cruelty and suffering Johnson inflicted on an innocent puppy, but I sincerely hope for more than a “slap on the wrist” sentence.

During the trial, Johnson’s lawyers spoke about his years of service and dedication as a firefighter, wonder if they bothered to mention all the problems and trouble that surrounded him for years that showed in many comments from fellow firefighters shortly after this horrific incident. Wonder if they mentioned that a group of retired LA Firemen have created a fund to help with legal expenses for the Tooles.  That’s right, the Tooles, not Glynn Johnson.  That kind of says something in itself when rather than back and support “one of their own” they are actually supporting the family who is bringing charges against a fellow firefighter.

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Amazing River Rescue of Dog Criticized – VIDEO

River Rescue of DogLast Friday, an amazing rescue of a dog trapped in the flooded Los Angeles River had people transfixed as it was broadcast live. People watched as firefighters tossed flotation devices which proved useless, watch as the dog attempted to scale the steep side only to slide back down again until finally a firefighter was lowered down to rescue the dog. Mission accomplished, dog save, fireman slightly injured because the dog was terrified. Basically a happy ending all around.

This was wonderful, the scared stranded dog, the heroic firemen doing everything they could to rescue “man’s best friend” from what would have been a sure death yet there are people who criticize. Hailed as heroes by most everyone, there have been reports that “they have also been vilified by a few in blogs, on social networks and story comment sections. “

Sad, just sad!

Saving a German shepherd stuck in the rising Los Angeles River was the right thing to do, the risks were slight, rescue crews were on standby, extra taxpayer money wasn’t used and the alternatives were unacceptable, authorities said

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Jiffy in December 2008This was Jiffy a little over a year ago in December of 2008.  The 11-year-old border collie weighed in at almost 120-lbs, about 70-lbs more than what he should have weighed.  He was so obese and in such bad shape that when his owner let him outside, his mobility was so compromised that he could not get back into the house and his 59-year-old owner couldn’t get him back in either.

The temps outside that night dropped down to the low single digits and even though his owner covered him with a blanket and checked on him, it was extremely dangerous.  In the morning he was literally frozen to the sidewalk and police were called to help rescue the dog.  Eventually Jiffy was freed, but not without leaving behind some tufts of fur behind.

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Nikia AdamsHere we have Nikia Adams, one of New Orleans Finest.  She is a 10-year veteran of the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD).   A police officer’s job is to ensure the protection of citizens, prevent and detect crimes, and enforce laws.  You know, to “Protect and Serve”.  Except this police officer has been arrested on animal cruelty charges after a dead dog and a malnourished one were found at her home.  So much for Protect and Serve.

On Tuesday, January 19, Nikia Adams contacted the St. John animal shelter Tuesday to say that her dog had died in her backyard and asked for assistance in removing the animal. When a member of the animal shelter got to the home, she found a dead Labrador retriever that was emaciated and apparently starved to death.  In addition, she found another dog (a boxer) on the premises also emaciated and starving.

Nikia Adams told the animal shelter employee that she fed the dogs several times a day.  But a post mortem examination seemed to indicate otherwise.  It was determined that the dog died from severe neglect, either through starvation or from non-treatment of a medical condition.

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Abuser of More than 50 Dogs Gets Jail, Probation

Robert Brunette Robert Brunette, 46, of Boulder Creek, CO, was arrested this past summer after police responded to a call about “animals crying in pain” at his property at 100 block of Hartman Creek Road. What they found almost defied description; dogs found locked in small cages covered in their own urine and feces, others running loose over the property. Puppies as young as only two days old were rescued. One old dog was found in the cab of a truck where it had probably been living for a year or two, the cushions were torn up, covered in urine and feces, no food or water. Inside the house, animal control and sheriff’s department investigators found one dog locked in a crate with no food or water and a dog that weighed only half what it should have. The dogs, many of them with ribs protruding, had mange, worms and scars. Many were almost wild and had never been socialized. Many were scared and timid, others were covered in scars from fighting, fighting for food with each other.

In all, after puppies were born, more than 50 dogs were rescued.

Brunette was known for breeding and selling dogs and trying to create his own line of guard dog.

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Animal Shelter Hit, Animals and Supplies Stolen!

Harrison County Animal Shelter TheftPeople have to to be pretty low to steal from an animal shelter and that’s just what happened to the Harrison County Animal Shelter in Kentucky.  Thieves broke into the shelter sometime between Saturday night and the early Sunday morning hours.  They stole animals and thousands of dollars in pet food and supplies.

“They backed their truck up to the field beside us, tore a fence, broke through a window and walked inside,” Animal Control officer Allen Fryman said.

The scum took the smallest animals, six dogs and 9 cats. Needless to say, staff at the shelter are worried about what’s going to happen to the animals.

“I just hope that they were not taken for bait for dog fighting,” Debbie Palmer, a volunteer with the shelter said. “We just can’t guess.”

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Cool School for Dogs

UPDATE 1/21/10 – Arrests Made – Of Owners and Niece – Whole thing Made up!!

In a brazen theft on January 19 at about 3:30 am, two men broke into the Cool School for Dogs in Johnson City, TN and stole 12 dogs and slashed and employee.

Ashli Thomas, niece of owner, Brad Josselyn, has an apartment at the business and stays there. On Tuesday, Ashli heard the dogs barking and when they didn’t stop, she went to investigate. She found a light on and a man there who slashed at her with a knife, cutting her side. The man then exited and got into a white van and the driver took off.

The gate lock had been removed and the back door busted, the dogs taken out. Missing were nine Doberman Pinschers taken, one hound mix, one Black Lab, and one Miniature Pinscher. All were rescue dogs, some with medical problems;one dog had three legs, another was blind, all waiting to be adopted. Now their fate is unknown. Josselyn worries that they may be sold into research, as fate worse then hell itself.

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Dog Stolen, Video Captures Theft – VIDEO

Update 1/21/10 – Family Reunited with Stolen Dog! VIDEO

A San Francisco, Marie Gaffney, woman is pleading for the return of her dog, Jojo, who was stolen from an area Safeway, Market and Church Street, on Friday 1/15.  The theft was captured on a video camera outside the store and shows a woman petting the dog, going into the store then when she comes back out, she take Jojo and leaves.

To make matters worse, Jojo, an Australian Cattle dog who is about 5-year-old and 50-lbs, is sick and in need of medication.  He’s a neutered male with a shaved belly. His family is offering a reward.

Please, let’s help get this information out far and wide!

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