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Notable Dogs of 2010

On the last day of 2010, For the Love of the Dog Blog wishes everyone out there the very best.   It’s been a joyous year and a tough year for many of you out there.  Dogs included. 

There are thousands of dogs out there that have made a difference in the life of a human.  Thousands that protect and serve.  Thousands that have suffered abuse, torture, and neglect.  Thousands that have said goodbye.  

To close out this year, I’ve picked a few Notable Dogs of 2010.  Just a few.  It was hard to pick from the thousands.

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The Latest in the Search for Nala

Alisa Miller is currently in Atlanta searching for Nala with concerned citizens who has been helping Alisa look for her lost pet – and faithfully providing us with updates.  They are currently following up on leads of Nala Sightings.  It has been a long and tough time for them.  Fortunately, the media has picked up on Nala and broadcasting Alisa’s plight on finding her lost pet. 

Alisa will be leaving Atlanta soon but that doesn’t mean give up the search.   Here are a few new details that I would like to pass on: 

Nala is a friendly, female dog. She is approachable.

She is microchipped but is not wearing a collar. Dogs can’t be shipped wearing collars.

Delta Airlines has offered $1,000 reward for the return of Nala. 

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Help Find Nala!

The search is on!  But your help is still needed.  Alisa is flying to Atlanta today to search for her dog.  She is being assisted by a local Atlanta advocate, who is being Alisa’s right-hand in the networking and search for Nala.   They need volunteers to help hand out flyers and actively search areas of “Nala Sightings”. 

The official email for this undertaking is:  If you need a copy of the flyer, please use the email contact.   Or, you may print yourself a copy of the flyer from here.

There have been several sightings of Nala since our original post

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An image of Peace, Love, and Comfort

Isn’t this a sweet picture?  This has been floating around Facebook and the internet.  The only story I can find is this little homeless dog was found snuggled in baby Jesus’ manger in a Nativity display in Criciuma, Santa Catarina, Brazil.   Parishioners were so touched by this scene that they didn’t have the heart to shoo the little dog away. 

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Another Delta Airlines Failure

Delta Airlines is responsible for another heartbroken owner.  And this new lost dog report comes from none other than The Consumerist

Alisa and her husband are moving to Germany and taking their two dogs, Nala a German Shepherd mix, and a Beagle named Princess.  The dogs were booked on Delta Airlines from San Diego to Atlanta, then onto Frankfurt.  Just before being loaded onto the flight to Frankfurt, Nala became agitated.  Alisa was contacted by Delta in Atlanta asking to board the dogs at their dog kennel for the night and then be flown to Frankfurt the next day.  Delta Airlines also indicated that she would need a larger crate for Nala, at which Alisa agreed. The next day, Alisa called the International Cargo desk an hour before takeoff just to confirm her dogs were safely boarded.  That’s when she was told Nala escaped from her crate (the one supplied by the airline) and ran off.  The desk said the reason they didn’t inform her was that they didn’t have her phone number.

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Justice Round-Up 12/21/10

It is quite obvious that we’ve been very silent here on this website for awhile.  When you check through the news for articles of interest on dogs every day, one thing always makes its way to the top – cruelty.  Always cruelty.  Every day a new list of crimes against animals.  Beatings, burnings, starvation, dog fighting, dragging…it never, ever stops.   As a result, it has sent us into the most darkest, endless pit of despair found on the face of the earth. 

Playing Farmville. 

Hey, taking care of my happy, virtual animals – making slop for the pigs, petting the llamas and cats, teaching my pet terrier new tricks, and checking the nursery barn for new and unusual baby animals has been a welcome respite. 

But I suddenly realized that the lack of shaming animal abusers will close down my Justice Round-Up series so it is now back to business.  Here is the latest on animal cruelty sentences and there is quite a list.

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