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Happy Thanksgiving 2011

We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures. ~Thornton Wilder

OCCUPY! For the Animals.

Thanksgiving is right on top of us.  Which means it’s Christmas already.  In fact, it began just before Halloween.  Time to start your shopping and party planning.  And here we have a few suggestions on planning your Holiday events that benefit needy shelters and rescues.  

Christmas is fun and exhausting.  Imagine what the struggling animal organizations are going through this time of year.  Supplies are scarce.  Donations are down.  Volunteers and employees are struggling to get everything done in addition to scheduling in their own holiday celebrations.  Give ‘em a hand. 

Christmas is also exhausting for those employed who are so lucky to find out they have to handle the company holiday activities this year.  I’ll tell you right now, if it’s left to you to organize, do it your way.  And my way is to work in supporting local struggling rescues and shelters to this year’s activities.  I’ve compiled a list of different things to make it Happy Holidays for Homeless animals – OCCUPY style. 

And to get back at my boss.

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Ace is DEAD (in Detroit)

Bruce King, General Manager, Environmental Health Service for the City of Detroit, that oversees Detroit Animal Control, issued a statement today to the press.  They went ahead and killed Ace.

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Dead in Detroit

UPDATE:  A Wayne County judge late today signed an emergency injunction preventing Detroit Animal Control from euthanizing ANY pit bulls until a hearing on November 16th.

That’s what it’s going to be for Ace the pitbull.  A sick, emaciated pitbull wandered into a Detroit Ace Hardware store on November 4th.   Store owners called Detroit Animal Control to pick him up but were unaware that it was a death sentence for this poor dog.  According to “policy”, Detroit Animal Control (under the Detroit Health Department) will not release Ace.  He’s scheduled to be killed on Friday morning.

Their policy is to not adopt or release unadoptable dogs.  And Ace, a pitbull, is considered an unadoptable dog.   He won’t even be released to a capable rescue that can get Ace the medical care he needs and work at getting him into a home.

It’s their policy and that’s final.

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Hooray for Heroes!

Everybody loves a hero!  Especially the canine ones.

Here is your chance to watch a gala event honoring these heroes.  This Friday, November 11, the Hallmark Channel will air the debut of the American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards at 8pm.  This special broadcast features eight extraordinary dogs in eight categories voted upon by the public from more than 500 entries throughout the nation.

The Hero Dog Awards recognize the powerful relationship between dogs and people and celebrate the many benefits of animals and people sharing their lives together.  The Hero Dog Awards recognize the contributions to society of many dogs – therapy dogs, military dogs, search and rescue dogs, etc.

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