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A dear reader and friend brought something to my attention this morning regarding an article published in the Chicago Tribune about Judge Judy and her sidekick Byrd. Actually the topic of the article is irrelevant,the article itself rather mundane, what is important here is the writer’s careless comment referring to the Judge as a “pit bull,” furthering the misconception that the breed is mean, vicious.

The media has bought into and propagted this myth for so long that it is hard to get your average person to see beyond it.  The bully breed is fighting everyday to overcome the stereotypes and having someone so nonchalantly adding to it doesn’t help!

In writing the article, Greg Braxton makes comments like;

[I] the lion’s den and the head lion was about to bite his head off” about the courtroom and the Judge and about Byrd, the Judge’s sidekick, “He is the guard dog to the pit bull.

There’s no way to misconstrue the meaning behind the way Braxton is using “pit bull” as other than vicious, dangerous, mean.  I don’t think I am misinterpreting it.

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This video is a memorial tribute to the 100 sled dogs that were cruelly slaughtered in Whistler BC on April 21st and 23rd, 2010 after business slowed down and the dogs were no longer needed. The song is by Canadian singer songwriter Sarah McLachlan, a huge SPCA, WSPCA and ASPCA supporter.

Word has also come down that the sled dog operator, Robert Fawcett, who brutally slaughtered the dogs has been charged!

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New Baby in the Family vs. Family Dog

Do you get sick of hearing about people dumping pets because they’re going to have a baby? Well here you go, here’s a twist…


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HOWL 2012

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HSUS: Lawyers in Cages – VIDEO

After I stopped laughing I had to decide whether to post this or not. It’s hysterically funny when you really look at it. So I figured I’d post it with the disclaimer from No Kill Nation because they  about nailed it! 

“For the record, we do NOT support the organization who produced this video. And it’s discussion of HSUS’s lobbing activities is a gross oversimplification. But the parts about HSUS not running shelters for dogs and cats? That’s true. And the parts about HSUS raking in the cash? That’s true too. And the parts making fun of lawyers? Well that’s just fun!”

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New York’s Charlemagne’s Law

Lorianne and Charlemagne. (Courtesty of Lorianne Pagano)

Lorianne Pagano never knew about puppy mills.  Her first experience with puppy mill dogs was the hardest.  In 2003, her husband purchased for her a little Brussels Griffon puppy from a pet store in Amityville, NY.   They were delighted with their new family member – they named him Charlemagne.  They brought him home, gave him love and good food.  He was also brought home with a host of health problems.  Lorianne spent thousands and thousands of dollars in vet bills trying to heal Charlemangne’s health problems.  In January, 2007, Charlemagne succumbed to kidney disease, a heart murmur and high blood pressure.  Charlemagne was the product of a puppy mill.  The pet store never admitted Charlemagne was bred in a puppy mill.   Not an uncommon scenario with any pet store or pet dealer that sells dogs.

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