A dear reader and friend brought something to my attention this morning regarding an article published in the Chicago Tribune about Judge Judy and her sidekick Byrd. Actually the topic of the article is irrelevant,the article itself rather mundane, what is important here is the writer’s careless comment referring to the Judge as a “pit bull,” furthering the misconception that the breed is mean, vicious.

The media has bought into and propagted this myth for so long that it is hard to get your average person to see beyond it.  The bully breed is fighting everyday to overcome the stereotypes and having someone so nonchalantly adding to it doesn’t help!

In writing the article, Greg Braxton makes comments like;

[I] the lion’s den and the head lion was about to bite his head off” about the courtroom and the Judge and about Byrd, the Judge’s sidekick, “He is the guard dog to the pit bull.

There’s no way to misconstrue the meaning behind the way Braxton is using “pit bull” as other than vicious, dangerous, mean.  I don’t think I am misinterpreting it.

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