I’ve heard many people try to make a case not to enact tethering bans.  People say that it will kill more dogs because there are many people who don’t believe in having a dog in the house… that it’s the only way they know to keep their dog at home… excuses on top of excuses on top of excuses.

I still ask, why even have a dog if you’re not going to make it a part of your family?  They are not lawn ornaments.  If you want a dog for security, don’t you think they can better protect you and your family when they are with you and your family?  If your house is too fussy and not dog friendly, you don’t need a dog anyway.

And for all the people who are still not convinced, how about you take a look at what a day in the life of a chained dog is like…

This video depicts twelve hours in the life of a chained dog. The video was taken after a whistleblower came forward about this poor dog’s situation. We worked with the whistleblower to record the dog for 12 hours on a day when the temperature reached 92 degrees. The dog had no water and for several hours, no shade. The dog’s guardian has been fined, but little has changed for this dog since the video was shot. We are still working with local authorities to seize the dog.

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The following is the latest comment posted by IDA yesterday… they are working on getting this dog rescued;

We took this video with the purpose of presenting it to animal control. Fortunately, our community has a tethering law and we wanted to video tape as a? way to document this case, but also raise awareness of chained dogs. We’re working to get this dog, but have to work within in the law – which can be a slow process. Squeaky wheel gets the grease – never give up!

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