Fawn when she was rescued from a puppy millThis is a story familiar to everyone involved in rescue-shelters and those who try to stop puppy mills from existing. Most of this story is paraphrased from the story written by the people that took in this angel and taught her that life can be a wonderful thing even if for a short while.

This little one was found on puppymillrescue.com after years of churning out litters and being used up-then discarded-dumped and abandoned. Her rescuer rightly stated that she born into slavery.

When found she had large mammary tumors, a golf ball sized hernia that was infested with fleas, covered with burrs and weighed only 5 lbs. She was completely blind in one eye, hard of hearing and what few teeth remained were in horrific condition.

FawnShe screamed in fear when touched. She had never walked on grass, had a decent meal or received a gentle hug. Her mind, body and spirit were broken.  She had been used up from countless litters and just thrown away when she was longer of “value”.

She was rescued in July 2006 and was spayed, had tumors removed and her hernia repaired. Lots of effort and time went into her rehab and finding the perfect place for her. She stopped just surviving and began living with the love and care of the kind people that adopted her in 2007.

FawnShe learned about good food, soft beds, love and care. She stopped being afraid of touches, realizing that she wouldn’t be hurt again and that she would be given a chance at life. Her person knew that she was an angel lent to them.

Unfortunately she was called home to the Rainbow Bridge on January 15th, 2009 and her family miss her terribly. Her name was Fawn and she was a toy poodle. She was one of the lucky ones because for each pup like Fawn, rescued and given a chance albeit for a short time, a great many perish in their wire cages, thrown in a landfill or bagged up and thrown in the garbage.


This story was written by a dear friend, Margaret, who is a retired vet and now she works tirelessly in the causes of animal welfare.  Thank you for sharing Fawn’s touching and heartbreaking story with me and allowing me to share it with others.  Yes, she is one of the lucky ones who did at least know some measures of love and kindness that humans are capable of rather than just the harsh, cruel life of a puppy mill.

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