Those in animal rescue are on the front lines of advocacy work. They usually toil tirelessly, saving animals that all too often languish, unloved and uncared about. They give their everything, their love, their hearts, their time, their homes, their finances. They hope and dream about a better day when there are no more furry bodies that need to be calmed and fed and cuddled but people look at dogs and cats as less than nothing, to be used, abused and neglected, tossed away like garbage when they have no more use for them.

They don’t think twice about staying up all nite nursing a sick puppy, cuddling a shaking scared dog, driving a hundred miles to pull death row dogs from a shelter, making trips back and forth to the vet, begging and pleading for donations to buy dog food.

Whether you are a rescue, a volunteer, a loving and caring shelter working, or any or the many support people who work for little to no pay but for the love of a faceful of wet puppy kisses and grateful tail wags, this is a tribute to you. It is your love and dedication that saves thousands of lives that would otherwise have fallen to the wayside.

Though your tears fall and your heart breaks,
Your body hurts and your back aches,
Your pockets are empty and your home is full,
You continue.

You know there is another puppy or needy dog,
Just waiting.
Their little body, used and abused,
But a glimmer of hope still deep inside.

A little tail thump
As they see your approach,
Though their body shakes and trembles in fear.

You open your arms
And gather them to your heart.
A tiny soft sigh,
They know… they are safe,
In the arms of a rescue angel.
© DR 2008

A Video Tribute to Those in Rescue

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