A woman cooking dogs as foodThis really makes me ill! I know that in some countries this is a cultural thing but there is no way that I can wrap my mind around the fact that for 10,000 years man has domesticated dogs and turned them into ‘man’s best friend’ and there are people who actually eat them. I cannot equate eating companion animal with eating cows and chickens and pigs. Sorry, it just does not compute. I know a lot of people throw that argument up whenever people talk about eating companion animals such as dogs and cats but to me there is a difference.

Now here’s a website that actively promotes using dogs a cuisine – DeliciousDogs.com. It is beyond vile to me.

This is from the website:

For as long as anyone can remember, dogs have not only been man’s best friend, but they also been man’s best meal. Unfortunately, some countries have frowned upon the practice of eating dog meat, even though most of the world still holds the practice as perfectly acceptable. The purpose of this page is to put all controversy aside and just provide information to help you get the most enjoyment out of your dog.

Our community here is peaceful and often diverse. We respect all ideas – even those that we don’t necessarily agree with. Please feel free to share your thoughts and recipes with others in the forums. We will never stop someone from saying what they believe, but please do so in a respectful way.

For those who are new to the consumption of dog meat, the forums are a great place to ask questions and get information! Everyone was new to dog meat at some point, so don’t be embarrassed.

You might be surprised at how many people eat dog – probably many of the people you work with. Thanks for coming to our web page!

The forums have recently been assaulted in a way that I haven’t been able to control. Some of the attacks have been nothing more than typical web spamming while other posts have been more malicious. As a result, I have chosen to remove the forums until I can provide a way for all to enjoy the forums without competing with all the trash.

I apologize for the inconvenience this causes. I hope that I can find a solution shortly. Thank you for your understanding.

As you can see, the site owner is having a lot of problems with people who disagree.  Care to give him some more? 🙂  There are places where people can leave comments, why don’t you stop by and let your opinion be known!

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