CharlotteAnimal abuse is becoming rampant in our society. Everyday I see horrific stories of abuses perpetrated on innocent and defenseless animals. Well now a couple of these ‘victims’ are ‘telling’ their stories to help to educate children and adults on the horrors of animals abuse.

One of these ‘victims’ is Charlotte, pictured here as she was found in July 2006. Her head was swelled to four times its normal size due to a plastic zip tie being around her neck, her throat nearly swollen shut, eyes swollen shut, she was horribly emaciated and dehydrated, had heartworm, a heart murmur and she had bite marks all over her face. She ‘showed up’ on a St. Louis woman’s porch and the woman called the Human Society of Missouri saying that she had found a “weird-looking animal” and that it was scaring her.

The “weird-looking animal” turned out to be a one year old, 4 pound Chihuahua. She was in such critical condition that after removing the plastic zip tie from her neck, her next eight weeks were very ‘touch and go’ but with much loving care, Charlotte, as workersCharlotte and Yoda in 'class' named her, did eventually survive. Finally, after 6 months of care and recuperation, Charlotte was ready for adoption. Unfortunately, due to problems with another dog, the adoption didn’t work out and Charlotte was back at the Humane Society.

“So I decided to just keep Charlotte, myself,” Humane Society education specialist JoEllyn Klepacki said. “She means too much to me. She is perfectly healthy now, with just a slight heart murmur that doesn’t bother her.”

Now 2 year old Charlotte, happy and healthy and a whopping 6.6 pounds, along with her 11 yr old Australian cattle dog mix housemate, Yoda, work with Klepacki to share their stories to teach people the horrors of animal abuse. You can be sure that when people see a picture of how this now cute little Chihuahua looked when she was found, it makes an impact!

“Animals have a lesson to teach us all, and we hope that Charlotte helps us get that message about the importance to treating animals well.”

Source – STL Today

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