puppy mill cagesRight off I want to say that if these breeders were treating their dogs humanely, there would be no need for lawmakers to step in and try to pass regulations to force them to do so.

In Holmes County, Amish breeding operations are worth millions of dollars in puppy sales. The new legislation, if passed, would raise the standards of care and hopefully improve the welfare of hundreds and hundreds of ‘breeding stock.’

House Bill 223 is co-sponsored by Rep. Bob Hagan of Youngstown, D-60th, and Rep. Jim Hughes, a Republican from the Columbus area and it outlines about two dozen standards of animal care, increases state regulation andpuppy mill victim licensing of dog breeding kennels, and includes provisions for license denials, suspensions and revocations and penalties. Parts of the bill include provisions that would improve dog care, cage size, sunlight and heating requirements, for example.

Ervin Raber, an Amish breeder from the Millersburg area said, “This is huge. This is not just a backyard thing.We’ve got a lot of young people that have borrowed money and built homes based on the income from this industry. It will probably put 80 percent or better of our people out of business.”

“We oppose legislation that harms responsible breeders with baseless edicts about dog housing and care, legislation that ignores input from breeders who would be regulated, requires criminal background investigations, burdens breeders with high costs, and fails to protect the rights of those who are accused of breaking the law,” said Norma Woolf, who spoke on behalf of a dog owners group from southwestern Ohio.

She added that current regulations are adequate to deal with substandard breeding practices.

Holmes County Commissioner Joe Miller said the legislation would have a devastating effect on the area’s 400-plus kennel operators.

“It will shut down many of the kennels currently operated in Holmes County,” puppy millhe said. “We’re a small community, a small county … The people don’t ask for anything from the government. All they want is an opportunity. The people work hard and play by the rules. We kindly ask that you do not deny them that opportunity.”

If people were doing such a great job of taking care of these dogs, this legislation would not be necessary. I’ve seen the pictures and videos and heard the stories over and over again. The majority of these ‘breeding operations’ are substandard and inhumane. Dogs forced to live in tiny, filthy wires cages. No socialization, no professional medical care, no exercise, minimal low quality food. The females are bredpuppy mill victim and over bred from their first heat cycle through every subsequent one unless they are useless then they are ‘dispatched.’ These dogs are not even offered the barest of considerations, they are a money ‘crop.’ that’s it!

The dog breeding industry is long overdue for some serious legislative overhauls to improve the conditions. If you want to know the conditions at many of these ‘commercial breeders,’ watch the video. there are thousands of operations like this operating all over the country and THIS is why we need legislation to force breeders to act humanely and responsibly and not their usual definition either!

I’m not saying that all breeders are puppy mills and all conditions are like those pictured, but far too many are to one degree or another.  the bottom line is that something needs to be done to end puppy mill abuse and if you’re breeding dogs and in substandard conditions than I would love nothing more than to see you out of business!!  If you’re doing it right, a so few large commercial breeders are or can, then you have nothing to worry about, right?
Source – Vindy.com

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