Applause to Austin City Council!! They unanimously passed an ordinance banning people from leaving a dog unattended on a chain, rope or tether which takes effect on Oct. 1.

The ban requires pet owners to provide dogs with a minimum 150 square foot enclosure if the dog lives primarily outside. The ordinance includes exceptions like tethering dogs being groomed, being treated by a veterinarian or dogs deemed dangerous.

The group Chain Free Austin had been trying for a year to get the ordinance passed. They believe tethering dogs makes them more aggressive and extended tethering is inhumane.

The group has raised money for a fund to help low-income families purchase fencing materials for their dogs. (News 8 Austin)

Their current ordinance allows dogs to be chained for up to eight hours.

Research shows a chained dog is almost three times more likely to bite. Those who came up with the ordinance say the reason for the proposal is two-fold.

“We see dogs all over Austin that are chained. Current law allows chaining up to eight hours, unless the chain is 10 feet or longer and attached to a moving trolley. However, we believe that anytime is too long to leave a dog unattended on a chain or tether. It’s dangerous for the child and dangerous for the dog,” concerned citizen Lyndon Poole said. (News 8 Austin)

“The purpose of this ordinance is to prevent chaining anyway. While chaining is cruel to animals, but in addition to that it makes them very aggressive and territorial because they have just a small plot. These are companion animals, they want companionship. They don’t want to be stuck on a chain and often you’ll find that dogs that are out there on a chain are basically forgotten and occasionally somebody feeds them,” Patt Nordyke of the Texas Federation of Humane Societies said.

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