Not to the ground, but burning animals.  I know this is a site about dogs, but I can’t ignore this.   This recent case of horrific cruelty comes at a time when all eyes are looking towards Baltimore. 

The trial of Travers and Tremayne Johnson is currently underway.  They are the twin brothers accused of burning a Pit Bull named Phoenix back in 2009.

Now Baltimore has a cat stuffed into a milk crate, doused with lighter fluid, and set on fire.   She was also nursing three kittens.   

The cat, named “Mittens,” was brought to BARCS (Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter), along with her newborn kittens after police responded to the call.  Witnesses told police that two boys placed Mittens in a milk crate on a back porch, doused the crate and the cat with lighter fluid and then struck a match and threw it in the crate.

Once on fire, Mittens broke free from the crate and hysterically ran around the yard, running in circles until the flames were out.  She then ran into the home and was hiding under a table until police arrived.

Mittens has suffered from very severe third and fourth degree burns and her ears were burned off.  She will survive but  she will need long term treatment and her fur may never grow back.   Mittens is managing to nurse her kittens in spite of the injuries.

What is with these kids?  Was this a copy cat of what happened to Phoenix?  What…they read it in the news and decided it might be great fun to torch an animal?  It really scares the crap out of people to see kids capable of commiting such horror.  

Two 17 year-old boys have been charged with arson and animal cruelty.  They were arrested after the owner of the cat called the police.  Lets hope the authorities press charges to the fullest against these little scum-sucking bottom feeders. 

Baltimore’s Anti-Animal Abuse Commission has its work cut out for them.  Signed into law just this past November, the Anti-Animal Abuse Commission will work to help Baltimore prevent and prosecute animal cruelty, including dog fighting.  This commission started out as a task force in response to the fatal burning Phoenix. Instead of hiding their heads, the city decided to confront animal cruelty head-on. The Commission comprises of the State Attorney’s office, Baltimore City Council, the Mayor’s office, BARCS, and MDSPCA (Maryland Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), along with the ASPCA.  They have already met and drafted a report that outlines a campaign to eradicate animal abuse. It includes recommendations for investigating animal cruelty cases, training law enforcement and other professionals who respond to animal cruelty incidents, and drafting anti-animal cruelty legislation.

Looks like they better start looking heavily at the juveniles of Baltimore.  There seems to be an epidemic out there and it doesn’t look like it will be eradicated real soon.

I can’t in my wildest imagination grasp at why someone would want to do this.  What is it?  Curiosity?  Fun?  Boredom?  To watch an animal suffer unimaginable pain and a horrifying death? 

Yeah, well, the next time someone’s kids get curious with fire and looks towards an animal one can only hope that the accelerant spills in the wrong direction and the match is tossed too soon.

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