DaisyHi, my name is Daisy and I am an 8 mo old pit bull/lab mix puppy. I am also a SDIT – service dog in training for Fibromyalgia as well as Anxiety and Panic Attacks. My mommy, Tammy, relies on me every day to help her and take care of her. I am most always by her side and I love her very much and she loves me too. I help to keep her from getting too upset or depressed. Almost everyone says I am a really good girl! 😀 I have lots of friends, humans and other dogs and all I want to do is just love everyone!Daisy and Tammy

But something’s wrong. 🙁 They came to our house and just took me away and now I am locked up in a cage. I didn’t do anything wrong!!! I worry so much about my mommy, what is she going to do without me? They say I am going to be PTS on Thursday!! PTS? Put to sleep? I don’t understand! Why would they do that to me? Who will take care of mommy? She needs me!!!


This is the story of what is happening RIGHT NOW in Ontario, Canada. Tammy adopted Daisy after her previous pit bull, Zoey, was poisoned. She relies on Daisy every day as a service dog and companion.

Ontario has strict BSL – Breed Specific Legislation on pit bulls!

A “pit bull” includes:

(a) a pit bull terrier,
(b) a Staffordshire bull terrier,
(c) an American Staffordshire terrier,
(d) an American pit bull terrier,
(e) a dog that has an appearance and physical characteristics that are substantially similar to those of dogs referred to in any of clauses (a) to (d); (“pit-bull”)

Under this law every “pit bull” should be:

  • Spayed or neutered by a veterinarian. A pit bull is exempt from this requirement if, in the written opinion of a veterinarian, the pit bull is physically unfit to be anesthetized because of old age or infirmity.
  • Microchipped
  • Muzzle your dog when in public. The pit bull shall be fitted with a collar or harness that is properly fitted to and placed on the dog. The movement of the pit bull shall be controlled by a person by means of a leash attached to the collar or harness on the pit bull. The leash is not more than 1.8 metres in length and is attached to the collar or harness. The collar or harness, the leash and the attachment between the leash and the collar or harness are all strong enough to prevent the pit bull from breaking any of them. The mouth of the pit bull is covered by a muzzle that is humane and that is strong enough and well-fitted enough to prevent the pit bull from biting, without interfering with the breathing, panting or vision of the pit bull or with the pit bull’s ability to drink.
  • Muzzling of the dog does not apply when a pit bull is within enclosed property occupied by the owner of the pit bull or when a pit bull is within enclosed property occupied by a person who consents to the pit bull being off leash or off muzzle. Enclosed property is defined as property that is enclosed in a way that can be relied on to prevent the pit bull from breaking out of the property.

Under this law;

  • If you leave Ontario for more than 3 months with your dog you will not be allowed to bring that dog back into Ontario.
  • A peace officer may enter ANY home and seize any dog suspected of being a “pit bull” if they believe that there has been a contravention of the Act of any of its regulations. If the officer believes immediate action is required they do NOT have to obtain a warrant to enter your home.
  • A peace officer may enter any home and seize a dog suspected of being an illegal “pit bull.”
  • A “pit bull” is not allowed to be returned to its owner if it has been sent to a research facility. Any other dog is!
  • If your “pit bull” gets picked up by Animal Control there is no way to get that dog back.
  • Pound operators have 3 options for impounded “pit bulls”: 1) destroy the dog 2) transfer the dog to an owner outside Ontario 3) sell the “pit bull” to an animal research facility.
  • If you own a restricted “pit bull” and you are convicted of ANY offense under the new Law , your dog must be destroyed.
  • You may not visit Ontario with your prohibited “pit bull” with the exception of show dogs. If a peace officer identifies your dog as a prohibited “pit bull” they may confiscate and destroy your dog.
  • Under the new Law, if your dog has puppies after November 26, 2005 it is an offense. You must surrender those puppies to a pound facility or you could face jail time or a fine. This applies to all dogs designated as a restricted breeds, even registered show dogs.

From Tammy, Daisy’s Mom – June 4, 2007

DAisy and TammySo much has happened in such a short time and now my Heart is breaking as Daisy sits at shelter and I have go to court over her being a pit bull and not being fixed. My Vet signed papers saying that she is a bulldog/lab and I was told when I got her she was a American Bull Dog/Lab AND THAT IS WHAT MY VET HAS ALL HER PAPERS UNDER.

But as she has grown it was plain to see she was pit bull as I saw it so did people in our mall and stores. I was called by the city and questioned as why she wasn’t being muzzled as well as why she as my SDIT, was allowed in the mall/stores.

Two neighbors who HATE pit bulls had the authorities come to my house and Daisy was seized today. I have to go to court to see where her fate lies. Even if she is not a bit bull there is a clause that reads, pit bulls or similar to a pit Daisy and Daddybull and she still falls under that group.

I tried all avenues today to try to save her life once again but the pit bull law is strict and firm and there is no room for any understanding of any kind, they have to be destroyed.

My heart is filled with pain once again and I just can’t bare to lose her but I know the Law and she WILL be PTS, KILLED, because of what she is not who she is. She is one of my kids and now they are going to kill her. How does a heart mend from that? Please tell me 🙁 Tears blur the screen and letters on my key pad as the tears just wont stop.Daisy

They don’t care that she is my SDIT! All they see and say is that she is a pit bull mix and they came right in and took her from me in front of my kids. I cant bear this pain, just after my Angel pup Zoey just Turing 3 . I’m a mess right now and will have to write more at a later date as it will take some time for my heart to heal.


My heart is breaking for Tammy and Daisy! I have watched Daisy grow from an adorable puppy to a confident young dog through her pictures. Take a minute to look at the pictures. What a sweet and beautiful girl!

Baby DaisyHer crime?

1) That she was not altered! She was scheduled to be altered after her heat cycle was completed under the advise of her vet.

2) She greeted an elderly woman who fell down and was hurt. The woman says she was not attacked, that the puppy was just being a puppy and jumped up. But they say that it was a attack – Dog Owners Liability Act 5.1 (a), no matter if it was a accident or not.

Yes, Tammy made mistakes. She should never have left Daisy basically unattended outside the store with only her children to oversee her. When she left the store and retrieved Daisy, this is when the woman approached and Daisy jumped up to greet her. Tammy helped the woman up and got her settled. She thought she was fine, had no idea that the woman was injured when she left the scene. This sad event is what precipitated this entire situation. Now Daisy is locked up in a shelter in what is a very strict BSL province. That’s the big picture here! Not the mistakes a person made who will always have to live with them and the guilt. Daisy is a very sweet and friendly dog. She is innocent. She is not vicious and did not attack anyone. Should the life of an innocent pit bull mix dog be taken because of an owners mistakes in an admittedly pit bull hating province?

People have been banning together to try to find out if there’s anything that can be done to save Daisy’s life!

If you have any thoughts or ideas or just want to show your support, please comment! We need all the help we can get!!! Don’t let this sweet dog die without a fight!!!



Shedding more light on the situation just got some additional information regarding Daisy! This is from Tammy’s sister.

Now this is what I have learned today about what has happened.

The police called and told Tammy the reason the PTS notice was issued was because 2 weeks ago Tammy was in the drug store getting her meds and Daisy was tied out side with her human brother and sister. Daisy did not go in since people complained she was not a SD – service dog (although she was a SDIT)

An elderly lady walked over to say hi and Daisy jumped up to say hi. Normal dog behavior. Unfortunately the lady fell and broke her hip. Tammy did not know the extent of her injury until now.

But they say that it was a attack – Dog Owners Liability Act 5.1 (a), no matter if it was a accident or not, even with the lady saying that Daisy did not attack her .

Tammy is trying everything she can but they say that its up to the judge now. She is going to ask if she can at least give Daisy up to a out of province adoption agency.

We all know if Daisy was not a pit mix this would not be a issue. It is because of the BSL that this is happening to her and her family. Daisy is a kind and caring pup who did nothing wrong and all Tammy did was try to give her a good home. She will go to court Thursday to try to plead with them to spare Daisy’s life, she is deeply crushed and wanted me to ask you all to please think of poor Daisy who is all alone.

Additional Updates Listed Below

Please take a moment to sign the ‘Save Daisy’ Petition. It pleads that they not take her life just based on her breed.

Update – 6/6/07

** NOTE: I have gotten quite a few questions as to where Daisy is being held and where is the court appearance. There is no specific information regarding the shelter, courthouse, judge, etc. for a reason. It’s felt that at this time, by those closely involved, that if there were to be an onslaught of phone calls, messages or emails, it may cause more harm then good. There may be a time when this is called for and necessary and all information will be provided at that time.

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