No, it was not vanity that prompted the RSPCA to get the near $1000 cosmetic surgery for the abandoned Shar Pei, Roland.  Without the facelift and double eyelift Roland faced a life of pain and possible blindness from entropion, a condition where the eyelashes rub against the eyes and cause constant pain and can cause blindness.

“What we have done is made him adoptable,” RSPCA chief vet Magdoline Awad said. “It is not uncommon in this breed, it is a congenital problem.”

Once one of the rarest breeds, prized for it’s wrinkly skin, Shar Peis are now turning up in shelters in record numbers as owners find out the difficulties and costs associated with keeping the breed healthy.

Far too often people get pets on a whim or as an impulse, because it looks cute or is popular without considering what it take to be a responsible pet parent. Pets are not cute and cuddly toys, they are living, breathing, feeling creatures that need love and care and attention all their lives. They are not disposable, just tossed out when the initial thrill wears off. If more people would realize this and take the time to understand that pets are a lifetime responsibility just imagine all the lives that would be saved!!

Roland is definitely one of the lucky ones, cared enough about that the RSPCA went the added distance to make sure he’ll have a chance to find a home and family.  This will be a happy ending for him, now if only we could offer a happy ending to so many of the other dogs that are in such desperate need, tossed out and abandoned like they meant nothing….

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