This is a Rescue Tail shared on FTLTD’s Facebook page that I just had to share here. It’s touching and heartwarming like so many are… but this one just got me a bit and yes, brought me to tears. Two neglected, sick, puppy mill pups, in a shelter, slated to die…

From by Jay Thompson and I’m going to share his story in his own words… be patient, may be a little tough to read, written sort of “stream of consciousness”, but worth every second… and grab a tissue!

Had a few pups much of my life. Last March, I lost my best friend to a stoopit motorist texting and driving very slowly….but that’s another story.

So, while high in hurt, I the next day went down to the local crossbar motel, and came away with a “new pups”. His background was he (about four years) was taken from a local breeder who was mistreating his charges. He needed to be “socialized” and and had very little to offer in the way of “immediate” bonding, and I knew then that it was going to take a while just to get him to trust me…but that’s another story.

He had a sister from the same litter, also used for breeding and mistreated, didn’t even look like a doggie. Looked more like one of the well worn chew toys my previous pup had still scattered throughout the house…. Due to her condition, I didn’t think I could really do much for her, so she was “left behind”.

Now, while long in posting here, As Paul Harvey would say, “the rest of the story”. For the first week with the first pups, he was scared, frightened, anxious, and not having anything at all to do with me.

It was then, I had a dream, where my lost pup came to me, and Arfed, “he needs his sister”. He of course being He who is now known as Dexser. So back to the motel for doggies went I the very next day in hopes his sister hadn’t been adopted, or had even worse faced the needle. Amazingly, she was still there, alone in a cage, laying on floor with head between her paws. Only her eyes showed any life.

She acknowledged me with her eyes, a thump (just once) of her tail. But remained still.
Still uncertain if I was doing the right thing, and since I’m retired and had the time, I decided to just sit by her next to the cage…ocasionally talking to her. Two thumps of her tail, alert eyes, but otherwise still no movement.
So the morning passed, me dithering to myself if I wanted to take on still another doggie challenge. As the day grew on, I talked to some of the staff, learned more of her background, and discovered that they thought at first she was paralyzed in her hind quarters, as she drug herself around using only her front legs. Her first “exam” almost was her last, as the Vet in “charge” in about five minutes decided she was in fact paralyzed, and not worth “saving”. She was red carded for the next day.

She fell through the cracks somehow was was still there when I adopted her brother…..and as related to me that when I took Dexser out she had stood up, and watch us as we left. Then laid back down again, moving only to take water….and eating very little food.

That little red card was still on the door to her cage……

I’ve always carried a few “bonz” in my shirt pocket, and against the rules, I offered her one. I started with the smallest, which was half a “bonz” that dexser had chewed on earlier that morning. I offered, she at first ignored it, then smelling the scent of her brother on it, drug herself over to the door of the cage to accept it. Didn’t eat, just put it between her front paws, and laid her head over it. She was close enough to the door where I could now (in spite of “house rules” where one is not allowed to touch) reach through the mesh, and let her smell my fingers…and finally, allowing some head scritchins. I was hooked.

Well, in for a penny, might as well go for the quarter I thought, and arranged to take her home.

Upon arrival to the house, I went in first to put dexser in another room dividing it with a doggie gate. Then I brought in the second pup. She was shivering in fright as to what the unknown was to be. I put her carrier down in the kitchen and suddenly bedlam from the room where dexser was. I went to investigate and saw him literally bouncing off the walls in his excitement. Since the gurl was in a carrier, I removed the gate, and dexser went straight for the carrier, sniffed it, whined, looked at me as if asking, “please let her out”. The other dog was also whining softly now. So, I unlatched the door to the carrier, opening it just a little, standing close just as an “in case” there was an issue and I could immediately close it.

She nosed the door further open, He pawed at it to get it open. She drug herself out and Dexser went into hyper drive, back and forth, round and round, to her, back to me, then as if in all this he had forgotten his fear of me. Then it dawned on me, dexser had barked, and now was barking, up to this point, I had been wondering if he even had a bark box. She got up on all four paws, took about five steps, and laid back down. Him right beside her.

Both obviously at the very least, happy to be reunited.

I called up my Vet, for making an appointment for the usual “introduction” when getting a new pet. Now, this particular office knows me well, and when I briefly advised about the condition of the new pup, I was told “Now!” in no uncertain terms to get the pup in there. So We went, dexser insisting on not being separated again. As it turned out, Chappie gurl, which she who was not named is now named, was badly dehydrated, malnourished, and underweight. That battle started within a half hour after her intake, and after several days, she was able to stand without issue though very shaky at walking. Since, it’s been simply getting them back up to weight. Which has been accomplished.

I guess this is a long way around to this statement. I took a couple of considered “losers” and gave them a chance, a whole lot of understanding, patience, and loving. They in turn, give me a whole lot of loves.

hi pawz.

Bless Mr. Thompson and may Chappie Gurl and Dexser Doggie have a long and happy life, you know they’re going to be well loved!

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