05_Flatbed_2 - JUNEAt 17-years-old, Cheyenne Cherry, Bronx, NY, is not new to the court system; dog-napping, armed robbery, theft, burglary,kitten killing… and these are only the crimes she’s been caught at and charged for.  Yesterday Cherry accepted a plea agreement in Bronx Supreme Court, pleading guilty to two charges of the six count indictment.

On May 6, Cherry decided to get back at her girlfriend/ex-roommate by tossing her kitten, Tiger Lily, in the oven and roasting it to death. Then she and a 14-year-old accomplice fled the apartment they’d also ransacked, with stolen property, so they wouldn’t have to listen to the kitten screaming in pain.

Judge Margaret Clancy accepted the plea deal giving Cherry a one year jail sentence. Cherry cannot appeal her sentence and also cannot own a pet for three years. Already in jail for a parole violation, she’ll face formal sentencing on July 31.

05_Flatbed_2 - JUNEAs this POS was leaving court, she taunted animal activists, hissing at them and actually saying to one of them, “It’s dead, bitch!” and sticking out her tongue.

Cherry claimed her 14-year-old accomplice was actually the one who put the innocent kitten in the over, she just didn’t take it out. It’s because of this that prosecutor Jennifer Troiano granted Cherry a plea deal, because her cohort was “more culpable” for the crimes.

I’m glad that this bitch is going to be facing jail time but with her already serious criminal record, I cannot believe they didn’t take that into account, as well as the fact that she is totally unrepentant. This is one POS that deserves to spend some serious time behind bars because you know as soon as she’s back on the streets her crimes will begin again and most likely escalate.

And people wonder why criminals don’t learn? This is a good example right here! When they face little to no punishment, what do they care? This is not justice, this is a joke!

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