Puppy DoeAfter Puppy Doe was found on August 31; beaten, burned, starved and tortured, a petition was begun to request that Craigslist remove their Pet section except for rescue and shelter groups which can screen applicants.  

Even though the petition has garnered more than 4ok signatures, Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster is declining to make any changes to it’s pet section.

In his blog, Buckmaster writes;

We were saddened and horrified to learn of the pain and suffering inflicted on “Puppy Doe” (Kiya) in Massachusetts.

Meanwhile a  petition wants to ban millions of CL users from finding pets loving homes, dooming them to euthanization (no-kill shelters are full).

It misleadingly blames CL for Kiya’s fate, and for the Jeffrey Nally case, where police made clear all victims were found via newspaper ads:

“[Chief Deputy] Murray said Nally gathered dogs by responding to newspaper ads.” ”[Nally’s girlfriend] told police Nally had her call people who advertised puppies and kittens in the ‘Bargain Hunter’”

Countless pets find good homes on CL, saved from euthanization (“no kill” shelters are full – 3 million healthy pets are put down yearly).

In fact, CL “pets” is a primary tool shelter volunteers themselves use to find homes for dogs and cats they might otherwise have to put down.

We at craigslist love animals and are proud of the overwhelming good our “pets” section does in finding them new loving homes.

Let’s honor Kiya by (1) not breeding so many pets, and (2) taking care when a new home must be found (CL recommends a rehoming fee).

I do agree that “Free to Good Home” ads must be discontinued, predators look for prey wherever there is a potential for finding them whether it be online, in newspapers or even on the street.  Craigslist is an easy vehicle for predators whether the prey they seek is two or four-legged.

Sadly, this is a Catch-22 situation.  CL does help millions of animal find wonderful new homes but it’s also a have for puppy millers to sell litter and litter of puppies as well as a virtual thrift store for monsters on the prowl.

What are your thoughts?

Regarding “Puppy Doe,” police are still following up leads, tracking phone records to see if that leads them to the monster who did this to Kiya aka Puppy Doe.  Anyone with information on the case is asked to call Quincy ?police at 617-745-5774.  To date, there is more than $20K in reward money through a couple of different groups.

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