PreciousThis morning a Richmond County Deptuty thought that he’d come across a dog that had died of the heat on Dawn Drive, that was until he looked more closely.

This poor dog bears the unlikely name of Precious. Obviously her owner didn’t think she was so precious to treat her so cruelly that she would look like this!

Turns out that {the deputy}, and Animal Control officers, may have arrived just in time.

This black lab-mix answers to the name “Precious”, but Augusta Animal Control contends that’s not the way she was being treated.

Fred Jones, Augusta Animal Services officer: “It was just laying, it looked like it was deceased.”

Animal Control officer, Fred Jones showed us the dog he pulled from a backyard. She is so boney, and weak, that Jones says he had to carry her to his truck.

Jones: “A dog in that shape don’t get like that overnight.”

The owner showed up, and maintains he feeds, and waters, Precious, and her yard mate, Roxy, everyday.

He showed us worming medicine and food, but Animal Control wasn’t impressed, because Precious hadn’t been taken to a vet, even though she’s been suffering for the past 3-4 months.

Diane Downs, Director of Augusta Animal Services: “There comes a time when a home remedy doesn’t work. You have to rely on the licensed professional, which is a veterinarian.”

The owner showed us around his backyard, as long as we didn’t put him on camera.

Precious’ owner: “This is the water that the dogs would drink right here? Right?”

He says the dogs drank from a cooler.

Precious’ owner: “So, if they’re saying your not feeding your dogs, you’re saying? I’m feeding ’em.”

He showed us the dogs’ empty dishes, he says he just hadn’t fed them yet today.

Animal neglect really knows no season, but Augusta Animal Control experts say the sweltering temperatures of summer make good care all the more critical.

Downs: “Their animals need to have plenty of water available; plenty of food, and shelter, in order to get out of the heat.”

Despite the owner’s protests, Animal Control cited him and took his dogs away, because on this hot day, Precious’ time, appeared to be short.

Dave Hansen: “So would you (Jones) figure pretty close to death?”

Jones: “Yes sir I will.”

Animal Control tells us that they are having Precious checked out by a vet. They say her case is an example for other pet owners, during the hot summer months ahead.

The dog’s owner was cited for not having any proof that his animals had been vaccinated for rabies. He’s also accused of cruelty, for not providing food and clean water. He maintains the cruelty accusation is not true. (News Channel 6)

Wonder what his other dog looks like and if that picture is any indication of the way he cares for his dogs, I think someone should take care of him the same way! Disgusting!

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