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For the Love of the Dog

Dog Pennies from Heaven

A lovely canine adaptation of Charles Marshburn’s “Pennies from Heaven”… What a touching and heartwarming thought. Makes you think of those found pennies in a whole different light, doesn’t it?

I found a penny today  Just laying on the ground,  But it's not just a penny  This little coin I've found.   Found pennies come from heaven  That's what my Grandpa told me,  He said, "Dog-Angels toss them down."  Oh, how I loved that story.   He said, "When a Dog-Angel misses you  He tosses a penny down,  Sometimes just to cheer you up  To make a smile out of your frown."   So don't pass by that penny  When you're feeling blue,  It may be a penny from heaven  That your dog has tossed to you.

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