UPDATE 4/7/09 – Important -Please be sure to read the comments posted below the story.

Ego, control, power struggle… why should any of these come into play when the lives of innocents hang in the balance??  Isn’t the bottom line the dogs, the animals which need to be saved?  Why would any shelter ever act in this manner?  This is wrong! From the petition;

Fourteen dogs seized by the Animal Humane Society in Minnesota will be euthanized by AHS and St. Paul City Animal Control even though the animals are in good condition. Over 10 rescues have stepped up to take in these dogs.

Originally taken by the Animal Humane Society in Minnesota, which last year made $13 million and took in 30,000 animals and killed OVER 14,000 of them, they wanted to shut down another rescue in the state as one investigation officer has been quoted saying to another rescue that there should be no rescues except them in the state.

Trying to prove animal cruelty against a rescue that has successfully re homed over 500 dogs in the last 4 years, PuppyPorch pulls dogs from death row at high kill shelters and has also helped all over the country end the overpopulation problem and high kill rates especially in the south.

AHS claims to have the interests of the animals in mind as all went into the shelter in good health, one is currently dying now as they have requested to put her to sleep and will only let the founder of the rescue see her if she will agree to put her to sleep.

They have been in the shelter for over 12 days currently, and the city of St. Paul MN licensed this dog to the address they took her from, as well as taking one that was already adopted out and was headed home the day they seized the dogs. The Assistant Attorney head of the case requested a $4200.00 bond and claims the money is non-refundable and goes to the “care, keeping and disposal of the animals.”

Both groups show no interest in the animals welfare just trying to buy time until a decision is made by the judge. If the judge does not grant the rescues the right to take the dogs in 3 days AHS gets to add to their high death tolls again. Please sign the petition to help save these dogs and get them to rescues so that the AHS can’t continue their killing spree.


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