Sadly, too many people don’t realize what it really takes to be responsible dog and/or pet owners and too often when they find out they seldom think twice abut dumping the dog for one reason or another and the reason are endless but the result is the same.  The dog, that thinking, sentient, feeling creature, that should have been a beloved furry family member, is dumped at a shelter with little thought and often the end result being the end for them.

People need to think! Adding a pet to your home and family is a lifetime commitment and “I’m sorry” just doesn’t cut it for them when they are abandoned in a strange environment, left in a cold concrete cell and for most destined only to take that last walk down that long hallway to the killing room!

“I’m sorry” isn’t doing to help when they’re laying in the dark surrounded by the cries of other lonely, abandoned dogs trying to figure out what they did, where their families are, when they’re going to go home….

“I’m sorry” isn’t going to help when they’re being dragged down the hallway to the killing room… when the needle is slipped into their leg or jammed into their heart or when they’re tossed into an archaic gas chamber….

“I”m sorry” isn’t going to make them feel any better when they’re dead……

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