Cahined dogThis is such excellent new for Fort Worth dogs! Last week when I wrote it was coming up I had high hopes for the ordinance’s passage. It seems like the city council really got the message that was presented to them and yesterday they showed that yes indeed they certainly did!

It is now illegal to tether an unattended dog. Dogs can’t be tied to a stationary object or a trolley system, according to the new ordinance. The new ordinance allows tying of dogs in certain circumstances when the owner is present and has “direct physical control” of the dog. They include:

* A lawful animal event
* A city dog park
* Veterinary treatment
* Grooming
* Training
* Law enforcement activity.

Those exceptions are valid only if the dog has a “reasonable and unobstructed” range of motion and access to shelter and clean water.

An offense would be a Class C misdemeanor, similar to a traffic ticket, and subject to a fine of up to $2,000. That state law included time and weather conditions for the prohibition against tethering. .

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