Now, there are quite a number of animal welfare organizations out there and to be honest, the main goal of some of them just seems to be how much money they can amass. They don’t actually put that money toward helping animals in need. Oh, they’re big and they’re rich and talk us a nice line but when it comes to getting in the trenches and actually getting their hands dirty, few do. The ASPCA is one of them that actually does and I have great respect for them and they are the only organization I actually donate money to aside from local shelters or rescues where I know money actually goes to the animals, rather than to an orgainzation’s already overfull coffers.

This is from the ASPCA

ASPCA LogoThis year posed some tough challenges on the animal protection front—and the ASPCA was right there, offering our expertise in new, effective ways. After aiding in the federal investigation of Michael Vick we unveiled the country’s very first mobile animal forensics investigation unit to a hugely positive response. And now that we’re founding an ASPCA Anti-Cruelty Institute, the next few years promise enormous breakthroughs in the fight against animal abuse!

We invite you to join in our exciting new developments by taking the pledge to fight animal cruelty. Just a click will help you learn how to identify and report abuse, stay up-to-date on the latest animal cruelty news and learn how to write letters to your legislators in the name of animals—and taking this special step for homeless pets will let us know you’re committed to our cause.

Pledge to Fight Animal Cruelty

Please take the time to email this to friends and family. The more people we can make aware of the problems, the more can be done about them. We are the only voices innocent and defenseless animals have, shout it out!!

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