Paralyzed under a crush of bodies. Fighting for breath in the stifling heat. Mouths cinched tight by plastic rope.

These horrifying images greeted our investigators when we rescued nearly 100 dogs bound for the dog meat trade in the Philippines. The dogs had been piled on top of each other in a small cage hidden in the back of a truck. Watch our exclusive video of the seizure now, and then take action to help end such terrible cruelty.

These animals were victims of the dog meat trade — a trade banned by law in 1998 but still active in certain regions of the country due to lenient fines and other light penalties.

Our team, comprised of police, volunteers from local animal protection groups, and Humane Society International staff, worked for hours to pull these dogs from the truck. Tragically, a few had already perished, smothered and over-heated. The team moved the survivors to shelters in and around Manila.

Thankfully, a new law passed this year finally gave police the tools they need to stop this cruel trade for good. But we need your help to make this law work. Please watch our video; then ask Philippines President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to increase funding and training for enforcement of this new law.

The large majority of Filipinos do not condone the consumption of dog meat. While some bill it as a “cultural practice,” the commercial trade is anything but. Local organizations successfully lobbied to strengthen the laws against it, but they are looking to us to help bring awareness to this problem and end it for good.

The dogs used in the trade are rounded up in the streets, stolen, or even bought from their unknowing owners for a paltry sum. All the dogs pulled off that truck were friendly, wagging their tails. Even after their experience, they still trusted us. They still hoped for a pat on the head, a word of kindness, someone to care.

Let these dogs know there is still hope. Help us stop the illegal dog meat trade.

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