Dog fighting rings are being exposed every day and many of them boast the involvement of high profile figures, especially sports figures. Well, the HSUS can do some boasting now of a huge victory – Huge Victory for HSUS!! President Signs Aminal Fighting Bill into Law!!! – after 6 years of hard lobbying, their goal has finally been realized. Now maybe perpetrators of this vile and cruel sport will realize that Americans aren’t taking this so lightly anymore!

And now the HSUS is calling on the NFL to do something about their players who are being found involved in dog fighting. After Michael Vick’s highly publicized ‘alleged’ involvement, it’s time to start cracking down on the overpaid miscreants and show them that money and ‘status’ can’t buy them out of trouble time and time again. They need to be sent a message!

You can read more about the Michael Vick story here – Probe of Dogfighting at Home of Atlanta Falcon’s Ouarterback, Michael Vick and Michael Vick, Atlanta Falcons QB, Now Linked to Puppy Selling

Humane Society calls on NFL to boot players involved in dog fightingATLANTA – A prominent animal-rights group called on NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to ban players who are involved in dog fighting, saying it was especially troubled that evidence of the deadly activity was allegedly found at a home owned by Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick.

The Humane Society of the United States sent a letter to Goodell on Thursday, calling on the NFL to “collaborate with us in an organized effort to eradicate animal cruelty and illegal animal fighting activity from the ranks of the NFL.”

“We believe that the current situation involving Michael Vick is indicative of a larger subculture within the NFL of dog fighting and other forms of violence against animals,” wrote Wayne Pacelle, chief executive officer of the Humane Society. (From – 5-4-07 – For the full story Click here)

The HSUS tracks numerous underground dog fighting publications and has for some time suspected Vick of being involved in this heinous activity so this came as no surprise to them when the actuality came to light!

And sadly, this is not the first case like this. From the HSUS

Recent years have seen an upward spike in dog fighting among professional athletes. Former NFL running back LeShon Johnson is facing prison time in Oklahoma for his alleged involvement in dog fighting. Former Dallas Cowboys lineman Nate Newton was once arrested at a dog fight. Former Oakland Raider Tyrone Wheatley even once bragged about having sold dogs for fighting.

Then you have another sports figure, Don Artest, who had his dog removed from him for abuse and neglect. Although he dodged charges (money can buy alot!) that doesn’t change the facts that his Great Dane, Socks, was removed from his custody after being found ill and malnourished after not having eaten for days. And that’s not all, he has quite a history when it comes to him and his dogs!

NBA – King’s Artest Dogs – LOOMIS, Calif. Dogs owned by Sacramento Kings forward Ron Artest have spent a total of 77 nights at the pound since July because of poor care by their owner. County records show that it’s cost the N-B-A star just under two-thousand dollars in boarding and impound fees.

Animal control officers have gone to Artest’s five-acre estate seven times in that period in response to callers’ complaints about dogs being loose or not being fed. (From – For the full story Click here)

And these are our children’s role models?!?! Wonderful lessons their teaching; yes, neglect your dogs, yes, abuse your dogs, yes, dog fighting is ok. What’s going on in our minds that we let these people get away with this stuff?? When are we really going to start cracking down and showing our kids that this kind of stuff is NOT okay?? That it’s NOT acceptable?

Let’s get it together people! Give our children some real role models! Protect our children, protect our canine companions! End the victimization!

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