Sad neglected dogI am honestly beyond sick to death of neglectful, abusive, irresponsible, heartless, cruel and just plain stupid people when it comes to the welfare of our pets and animals.  Oh, I’m sick of it in all areas of life but since this is what I deal with daily, this is my focus.

Every day stories of man’s brutality to dogs, cats and any animal you can think of.  And we’re supposed to be the intelligent species?! Yet people breed cruelty, pain and heartlessness and then they breed children and instill those same traits in them.  And the legal system, the oh so mighty legal system that is supposed to protect and punish, does little to nothing to stem the cruelty and abuse.

Our companion animals, our pets, are some of the most innocent and defenseless of victims. People bring these creatures into their lives then so many of them exclude them from their families.  They stick them in a yard, solitary confinement.  They chain them, tie them, cage them… these furry social family members.  They starve them, beat them, kill them, brutally, cruelly, heartlessly in more ways than I even care to mention.

And the youth of today, so inured to pain and suffering that to brutalize an animal is nothing to them but fun and games, a new way of getting a thrill. Stories of children, often little more than babies, four and five years old bludgeoning a puppy.  Gangs mutilating and burning dogs for amusement.  Pissed off spouses and partners taking out their anger, rage and impotence on innocent family pets. Sick, twisted neighbors killing their neighbor’s dogs for no reason.

There’s no end to the horror stories I could tell.  I could name names and show you the pictures of the abused victims and the grieving people they leave behind to try to fix the broken bodies and spirits or bury the bodies that use to love and give joy and comfort.  But you know them, you’ve seen them too.  And like me, you’ve shed tears and tried to control your anger.

Do we really want these kind of people procreating?  Breeding more cruelty and misery into a world filled to overflowing with it?

Yet our legal system imposes so little punishment most of the time, fines, probation, community service and on rare occasions a short, but seldom ever adequate, jail sentence.

Oh, I know human rights and legal rights would never allow such a thing, to take away a person’s right to breed more evil little monsters into this world but doesn’t it make you think?

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