Pit bulls are perhaps the hardest hit breeds when it come to tough luck and not of their making. If you know me and have read my site for any amount of time, you know that I and against BSL and any breed discrimination. Any breed of dog can be ‘good’ or ‘bad’, it depends on so many factors and most of those factor are based on people.

That said, I’d like to introduce you to Sir Love-a-Lot! He’s MPR’s pit bull centerfold of the month and what an incredible boy he is!

Sir Love-a-Lot, MRPs Pit Bull of the Month “People-dog by excellence”. How amazing that a dog who had such a hard life, still loves people with so much heart. Sir lights up when he has visitors at the kennel. Despite the scars, the rough-edge and all the baggage, Sir wins everyone’s heart in just a few seconds. He looks like a tough boy, but he is a big bundle of friendliness. Not much of a guard dog, but we bet he will be the most loyal and faithful companion anyone could ever dream of…

That said, Sir’s enthusiasm for life can be a little overwhelming for someone not used to such passion and drive. Sir needs a home with someone who will establish positive leadership and provide him with structure. He would do wonderful in a home with a privacy fence. Sir is good with kids but he loooves to play and sometimes roughhousing gets the best out of him. Again structure and leadership is all he needs to stay under control. This dog has a huge heart. He just needs to find someone who has as much heart as he does and will be a wonderful companion.

Sir is one of the friendless dog in the program right now. He is also one of the happiest and you can tell by looking into his eyes how grateful he is for all the good care he is getting. This dog is so expressive and easy to read. He’s the best pal everyone hopes to have in their life one day….

Will YOU be that lucky person or family?

For more information about Sir Love-a-Lot and many other pit bulls as well as about any and every bit of news, information and more that you could possibly want to know about this wonderful breed,visit MPR, Missouri Pitbull Rescue.  You will be happy that you did!

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