Chained DogToo many people think as long as they feed, water and shelter a dog, that’s good enough but it’s not. Abuse takes many forms and neglect is one of them and probably one of the most prevalent. Living creatures require more than just the minimum basics to live. Sure, they can survive and exist but in what kind of condition, what kind of a life is mere existence?

The following letter says so much and illustrates so clearly that existence is not living.

This letter is inspired by a chained-up dog that I drive by every day. Nearly all dog owners understand that their pets need love, affection, exercise and veterinary care; that they need to feel like part of the family. But some people, and I mean very few, treat their dogs as though they were nothing but lawn ornaments.

I hate having to watch a poor dog tied to the end of a chain rotting away and suffering from boredom, loneliness and isolation. I mean really, what is the point of having a dog when all you’re going to do it is give it a miserable life? Dogs are social animals. When they are forced to live their entire lives chained and alone, they suffer from severe psychological, emotional, and behavioral effects.

Most of them get mean and aggressive after only a few months. It’s not good for them, and it’s certainly not good for the community. Nobody wants to see it.

And then, there’s the ridiculous misperception that it’s acceptable to chain a dog outside in any kind of weather; like heat waves when all they can do to escape is go inside a sweltering dog house. Not to mention the swarms of black flies that drive them mad and eat them alive. So please, if you own a dog that is continuously chained, do us all (and the dog) a favour and find it a good home. Neglect is a serious form of abuse and it’s everyone’s business to speak up about it.

Wendy Gorman,
Coleman Township

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