You can make a difference. Through adoption, fostering, volunteering, donations (whether it be money or something you don’t need anymore that the animals will benefit from), and even just educating people about responsible pet ownership and the pet overpopulation crisis, you can help these animals. The animal shelters are not the bad guys, not most of them anyway. They are just doing what they can and what they have to. Not having animal shelters would not keep animals from dying– it would just keep them from dying humanely.

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Never think that you can’t do anything! Everyone can do something, no matter how small, to help. If you’re not helping in some way, if you’re just one more person sitting back and expecting someone to take care of the problems, you’re almost as bad as those who contribute to the problems.

And I am not just talking about pets and animals, I am talking about society’s problems. We all have our “pet projects” that we devote our time and passion to and no one is more important than another, they are all worthy, helping people and helping animals, just do something!! If you’re not, than just shut up about the problems, you have no right to talk, whine or complain!

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