a-stray-dogOk, so maybe not you and maybe not me but pet owners are a top threat to their pet’s safety and security; careless, irresponsible or ignorant pet owners.  Every day I come across stories, just heartbreaking stories of pets that are gone; lost or stolen or missing, and the only one to blame is the owner.

I could list story after story and point out the problems but I know the owners are already suffering and feeling guilt, knowing that they could have, should have done more.  This doesn’t make me any the less angry at them because they should have known better and the one who may really be left to suffer in the pet that is missing.

It’s past time for people to learn that you can’t take your dog with you where ever you go anymore unless you can keep them with you 100% of the time.  Dogs, especially the small breed dogs that are so popular, are easy money or targets for thieves.  Unattended dogs left on lawns, in vehicles, left tied outside stores that disappear in a heartbeat.  Most of the time these canine companions are never recovered and the heartbroken owners are left to wonder what happened to their furry family members, if they’re safe, if they’re loved.

The lucky ones are either kept or given as gifts or sold to to someone who wants a dog.  The ones that aren’t so lucky are used, abused, bait dogs, abandoned dogs, turned into puppy mills dogs, sold to labs for experimentation, destined to a life of hell.

Then you have the quick pawed pooch that darts out the door or jumps over the fence or digs under or somehow managed to get out of a yard or even that someone lets out for kicks.  Many times these dogs aren’t wearing collars and tags or even worse, they’re not microchipped.  Some people will say they don’t like microchipping for one reason or another but how often do we hear stories of pets reunited with their families, months even years later because of a microchip?  Tags and collars can come off a dog and get lost or can be removed, with a microchip, you don’t have that problem and vets and shelters scan for microchips.

Then there’s the dogs that their owners allow to run loose and wander.  They wound up lost, picked up by animal control, attacked by other animals in rural or semi-rural areas or even shot and killed by pissed off neighbors who are quick to claim self-defense whether it was or not.  Wandering, loose dogs are accidents waiting to happen! I know in certain areas, especially rural areas and farm areas, you have farm and working dogs but even these dogs need to have an eye kept on them to assure they stay where they belong.  If your dog is not on your property then it can quickly become someone else’s problem and they may not take kindly to having someone’s dog roaming their land and potentially getting into trouble.

Accidents happen and no one can foresee every potential problem but if you take precautions you can be your pet’s savior rather than a threat to their lives.

  • Never leave your pet unattended or unsupervised outdoors even in a yard if someone can access them.  Safe yards should have high privacy fences and locked gates.
  • Don’t leave your pet in a car. Not only do you need to worry about pet or car theft, there’s also the danger in warm weather of the vehicle acting like an oven.
  • Never tie your dog up outside a store or friend’s home, etc., even if you only plan to be away for a minute.  All it takes if just a few seconds for someone to make off with your companion.
  • Make sure your pets has adequate ID.  Tags should have up to date information and the safest measure is microchipping or tattooing.
  • Spay or neuter pets.  They are less likely to wander and often less of a temptation to some thieves.
  • Make sure you have current pictures of your pet in the event that they do go missing.  Contact shelters, neighbors, vets, local pet supply stores, get fliers out, etc. and do it ASAP!  There are many lost and missing pet websites, use any and all resources you can find.
  • Make sure that your pet is on a good leash when you are outdoors and that you have a proper hold so that they don’t dart off.  Make sure that the collar is fit properly and will not slip off or better yet, use a harness, they’re much more difficult, if not impossible, for a wily pooch to slip.
  • If you’re expecting guests, make sure your pet is safe from getting out of the house unexpectedly.  If your furry family member has a tendency of darting toward the door every time it opens, you know that you have a potential problem on your hands.  Don’t wait until it’s too late to do something about it.  Some training will take care of that and could save your pet’s life.

These are just some basic safety tips but following them could be the difference between your pet home safe with you or your pet being who knows where.

Don’t let your pooch become a statistic.  Be a knowledgeable, responsible and truly loving pet parent.

I really am sick of hearing people whining and crying when something happens to their beloved family pet because they were negligent!  I have limited sympathy for them but a great deal of sympathy for the dog because dogs will be dogs and in the end they will be the ones to suffer the most!

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