PatrickMeet Patrick, an adorable 11 week old, 2 pound Chihuahua. Patrick was born without front legs, just little stumps, but has that stopped him? Not one one bit! This little sweetie gets around by hopping like a little bunny or kind of scooting along on his little stumps.

Patrick is now at Noah’s Bark Rescue because his family couldn’t give him the care he desperately needs.

Noah’s Bark is raising money to get him a prosthetic device to make it easier and less painful for him to walk. His front legs are little stubs with little protection for the bones and there is the danger of the skin splitting open allowing the bones toPatrick protrude. It is very sad to hear his bones thumping on the floor when he hops, and it quickly becomes too painful for him to continue. He spends most of his time in a playpen with a soft surface. Patrick is a very happy little puppy but being able to keep up with the other puppies would greatly improve his quality of life.

Noah’s Bark is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit local pet rescue organization based in the Los Angeles South Bay area. We are committed to finding permanent and happy homes for unwanted and homeless pets in our community. We rescue and rehome approximately 300 pets each year. We are a small all-volunteer group with limited financial resources but we have a soft spot for the special needs dogs. This leads to large Veterinarian bills and we need your help for Patrick and to continue rescuing all the sick, deformed, broken in body but not in spirit dogs. We have contacted Ortho Pets to make his prosthetic; it is very lightweight and more suitable for tiny dogs than the more traditional wheelchair. Additionally it will cost for casting his body at our Veterinarians office.

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