Regarding the Buckeye Dog Auction on March 21, I mentioned a tentatively scheduled Rally and I just received an update on it.  It has been confirmed and they could use all the support they can get.  The only way to create change is to educate and raise awareness.  Get the word out and let people know about the hell of dog auctions and puppy mills.  If you are anywhere in the area on March 21, please, please, please, join your voice and presence with those involved in this Rally!

For those with interest in attending the peaceful rally against the Buckeye Dog Auction as of this moment, the are expecting between 15 – 25 supporters.They could use more, many, many more!!

The following information is from the Humane Society of Delaware County regarding all the details on the rally;

The local sheriff”s office will be given advance notice of our intentions to hold this event.

DATE: Saturday, March 21, 2009


LOCATION: Entrance to Holmes County Expo Center (1/2 mile west of Walnut Creek on SR 39 – The expo building itself is not really visible, but the large sign with the big Amish Buggy in front of the entrance is! Please be aware that the Expo Center is NOT the location of where the actual Buckeye Dog Auction will take place (that is located in Farmerstown, about 10 minutes away), but it is a location visited by LOTS of tourists!

ATTIRE: Since March 21 could bring rain and/or cold weather, be sure to dress with an extra layer of protection.

PARKING: A local supporter recommended car pooling where possible, as parking at the top of the hill at the Expo Center is $3 (remember that this is also private property, so you could be at risk at having your car removed). There is plenty of parking at Walnut Creek Cheese, which is approximately three miles away. SR 39 is quite wide in the area of the Expo Center, and because a representative from the local sheriff’s office directs traffic for all their large events, supporters should be able to park along the side of this road (across from the entrance).

SIGNS: Please be sure to bring a sign! Because this is a PEACEFUL rally, we are asking signs to focus on the Buckeye Dog Auction and the dogs. Suggestions for text include:

Boycott the Buckeye Dog Auction
Buckeye Dog Auction = Bad News for Dogs
Adopt A Homeless Dog

Please DO NOT include text or pictures that can be misinterpreted as prejudicial! This is NOT a rally against a group of people based on their religious beliefs. This is about the DOGS! It is very important everyone remain professional at all times!


1. READ MORE! Because you will be supporting a rally at a location with lots of people who may ask questions, please educate yourself about the Buckeye Dog Auction by visiting these websites:

  • – Animals’ Angels. Click on this link (scroll down the page) to read their investigative report on the January 17, 2009 Buckeye Dog Auction –HERE
  • – HSUS. Click on this link to read their press release, “The HSUS Reveals Shocking Undercover Investigation of Buckeye Dog Auctions” – HERE

2. JOIN THE CALL! A conference call has been scheduled for Wednesday, March 18, 2009 at 7 PM. The purpose of this call is to provide supporters an opportunity to ask any questions prior to our rally and to provide you an update on efforts to ask Ohio voters to approve legislation similar to Pennsylvania’s Statute 459-603 (which bans public dog auctions). If you would like to join this call, please RSVP by Noon on Tuesday, March 18. A dial-in and passcode will be mailed to participants Wednesday morning.

Thank you for supporting this rally on behalf of the dogs. Please feel free to write me if you have any questions.

Lisa Anderson
Volunteer – Humane Society of Delaware County

If you can’t be there, please help by at least getting the word out!! Share, email, do whatever you can to let people know!  Please, do it for the love of the dog, to help end these atrocities…

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