Came across this excellent pet store expose/investigation today and wanted to share it.  We all heard about pet stores, that their get their “stock” from puppy mills, that often terrible conditions, the health problems, etc.  Many, many pet stores face law suit after law suit.  This is just one pet store, Puppy Palace, you can get the detail from the video but what I want to point out is tha the conditions there, the conditions of the puppies for sale, the continual citations against the owner, they are not the exceptions, these are often the rule, the way the game is played.

Watch the video…

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Take the time to share this video, to get the word out.  Do not buy from pet stores! Do not buy from the internet!  I am an advocate for adoption from a shelter or rescue.  I also am not going to say a word against reputable breeders; people who breed for the love of the breed, not to fill their pocket.  Those that fall under the label of reputable breeder are few and far between but I do believe they have their place too.  Commercial, mass breeders, often puppy mills, DO NOT!  Even BYBs, back yard breeders and those who breed for amusment, to make a couple bucks, to share the miracle of birth, most all of them are just as bad.

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