Pregnant StrayFor more than a week a stray female mix dog, heavily pregnant, had been trapped on the second floor of an abandoned building in St. Louis, MO.  Stray Rescue of St. Louis was trying to rescue the scared little girl but she perched herself on the sill of a second story window.  Worried that she was going to jump, a certain death sentence, director Randy Grim looked for help. Spotting a fire engine, he flagged it down.

Fire Engine Company #9 offered their able bodied assistance in rescuing the scared dog and delivered her to Stray Rescue where she is now safe and sound and has been named E9 in honor of her valiant rescuers!

You can watch the amazing rescue below. It was definitely touch and go at times but our heroes prevailed! Now E9 will be able to have her babies in a safe place, warm and sheltered and the staff at Stray Rescue will make sure they are cared for and adopted into wonderful loving homes as I am sure E9 will be as well when she’s ready to become a part of a family. Living on the streets is a tough life for anyone but for a pregnant dog, trapped and abandoned, it must have been hell. Now she’s going to find out what life can and should be!

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