Reese In June, in Vineland, NJ, this sweet girl was dragged behind a pickup truck, her injuries traumatic.  This picture doesn’t hardly give you any idea.  But now it’s been months and sweet Reese has recovered and shown herself to be a beautiful, sweet and loving girl.  Amazingly, although there was interest at the time, there’s been no serious interest from anyone in adopting this amazing survivor!

You can see the progress she made, through surgeries and rehab at the Cumberland County SPCA website, some of the pictures of her injuries are quite graphic but her recovery is amazing!

She’s even been through an obedience course with a trainer and has come so far but having been at the shelter for so long, it’s no surprise that her wonderful spirit is slowly lessening.  She needs a home and family to call her own.

This from Pinups for Pitbulls;

After months of surgeries and rehabilitation, she is finally physically recovered. Reese has been living in a kennel since June and it is critical that she begins to “live life as a dog” ASAP. Reese has some trusting issues after her abuse, but we believe that taking the stress of kennel life out of the equation will help enormously. Her new owner should be a confident leader and committed to her continued training- she has already completed and excelled at an obedience course during her stay with us. Reese should not be placed with cats or children. We would prefer to place Reese in a home with no other dogs, but she may be compatible with another dog as long as the owner is multi-dog savvy!

Reese has an incredible zest for life (she must have, to even have survived) but it is dimming the longer she is kept kenneled. She wants and deserves a home. Once you get to know her, she is a wonderful, beautiful dog. Nothing makes her happier than her green squeakie monster and a chance to do the “Reese Roll” outside in the grass- expect being on the receiving end of affection. She will be forever marked by her past, but if you are willing to look past her scars and give her a chance- you will see the shining personality and beautiful dog that we have seen during her time with us at the SPCA.

Please, let’s help to find this wonderful the loving forever home she so deserves. She’s been through hell, now it’s time for her little piece of heaven on earth. Every time I see her picture, look into those eyes and know her story, it gets to me.  Can’t we help her?

Someone will see past her scars and see the beauty… please share Reese and let’s try to find her a home!

You can find Reese on Petfinder – HERE or contact Maria Stoerrle – HERE

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