Maisey1Meet Maisey.  Several weeks ago she was found abandoned, struggling to feed her babies but she had been hit by a car and was also suffering from two broken legs. She couldn’t walk, she couldn’t even stand, all she could do was drag herself around to find food for herself so that she could care for her babies.  Luckily someone did find them and take the furry little family to Montgomery County Animal Control in Texas. The story could have ended there and most likely would not have ended well but then there are rescues out there that go over and above the call of duty.

This little family was taken in the The Pup Squad. The rescued rallied about the little family to raised funds for not only desperately needed surgery for Maisy but when she was examined they found she also had extreme infection in her mammary glands and damage from dragging herself around.

Now, thanks to the kindness of strangers who answered the desperate call, donations rolled into The Pup Squad, enough to cover Maisey’s surgery as well as for some of the follow-up care for her and her babies.

Here’s a excerpt from the rescue;

…Maisey was able to have her surgery this week. It looks like we have raised enough to pay for the surgery and any follow up care she and the puppies will need. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Your generous spirit has truly uplifted us all. Pup Squad would also like to thank the folks at Montgomery County Animal Shelter for helping Maisey have her pups there and alerting us to her situation. Special thanks also to Sheila for starting the fundraising effort, and to our amazing foster team of Judy, Christy and Mary. These ladies went above and beyond for this special momma and her tiny babies.

Here is the update from Maisey’s foster mom:

“I picked her up from Gulf Coast and she looked up and started wagging her tail as soon as she saw me. When I walked over to her gurney she just started wagging and licking. Everyone, including the doctor, was touched. She has two huge incisions and her legs have been mended (we attached the x-rays so you can see before and after!). They were not able to save the one hip joint but they did a procedure that will still allow her to walk. The vet and the techs were all amazed by her strength of will. Last night I brought three of her puppies home to her. She is not able to nurse all 7 because she has several injured mammary glands. When she saw her puppies she became so animated and began licking them like crazy. They were happy to see her too! The puppies nursed under close supervision as to not cause injury to Maisey. It was a beautiful sight! I still have to carry her outside and then I use a sling to lift up her back legs so she can use the bathroom. She was a pro this morning. I can only imagine how much pain I am causing her and she just licks my hand and puts her head in my lap when I get her back inside. Anyway, pictures to follow. Thanks for all your hard work on this. I am always so impressed with the generosity of so many.”

All 7 pups have now been reunited with mom. They have to be supervised during feedings so they rotate using the good teats but everyone is doing really well.

This is Maisey now, doing so much better after her surgery.



And best of all, here’s momma Maisey reunited wit her babies!


Thanks so much Peggy for sharing this story with me. It was wonderful to get the follow-up after “hearing” the fist part and to know that momma and babies were doing well. Way to go Pup Squad!! I’m sure all these sweetie will find wonderful homes in no time!!

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