This poor little pooch, a 9 yr old Lhasa-apso mix has had a rough time. Rescued in the nickAdison of time from euthansia after was discovered in horrible condition last month in a home on Cape Cod after his elderly owner died.

He had 6 inches of matted hair on top of his head covering his eyes and bloody, raw feet soaked in urine and feces.

He had been taken by the town’s animal control officer to a shelter where he would have been euthanized because of his condition, but he was rescued just in time by a relative of his former owner, who brought it to A Helping Paw Humane Society.

After the story appeared, A Helping Paw owner Chrissy Tomkiewicz received dozens of inquiries from people interested in adopting Adison. On Saturday, she chose a couple from Holbrook.

However, Tomkiewicz said the next day, the couple gave back Adison.

“They didn’t even give it 24 hours,” said Tomkiewicz. (The Enterprise)

Although the family was told that Adison would need patience and care and time, obviously they didn’t understand and now this poor sweet dog is back at the shelter and in need of a home… again.

Here’s a little background on Adison from A Helping Paw

Adison was owned by a woman who kept to herself, never asking anyone for help. She rarely left her home, and almost never had visitors. She passed away quietly, and wasn’t found for 10 days. Poor Adison didn’t know how to cry out for help. He survived on a bag of cat food and what water he found.

We were contacted by a family member shortly after the dreaded call. But before the family had a chance to rescue Adison, the police had taken him away and sent him to another shelter. He was to be placed in a 10 day quarantine, but because his owner was deceased, he was going to be immediately euthanized due to his poor condition. So not only did this poor dog just lose his home, and his beloved owner, he was soon to lose his life. Adison

After several calls, just short from his euthanization, the family was able to get him released and he was then brought to us. The family warned us that he was in poor condition so we were prepared for the worst. But even at that, the volunteer was still shocked by his appearance. He was 100% matted. His feet had balls of mats the size of golf balls. At first we thought he had no eyes, until we pried the fur away.

It was hard to tell if he had any physical issues, so the first trip he would make was to the groomer. The groomer had her work cut out for her. It took four hours, two people and several blades to find the little doggie under that mess. Our volunteer came back looking like she was just dragged through the streets. Though Adison came back with a few nicks and bruises, I can guarantee he felt 100% better. It took just a few short days for him to recover from his ordeal of losing his home and mom and for the first time he wagged his tail. Though he can be a cantankerous old man at times, most times he just wants to get a good o’l bum rub and play outside.

So you can see that this little guy has had a rough time and really needs a kind and patient family and forever home. Will you be the right home for him?

For more information about Adison call A Helping Paw at 508-759-2887, visit the shelter at 3166 Cranberry Highway or visit

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