cold_dogHello, my name is Maggie, and I am four years old.
I’m cute and loving, have big brown eyes,
and a mouth full of pearly white teeth.

I make my home in my family’s back yard,
where I spend my life enclosed within a dog pen.

When I first arrived at my new home, I was so happy,
and was loved by all. I had so much love to give, and was “the apple of their eye”.
I was even allowed to spend the night in little Jimmy’s room and sleep at the
foot of his bed, for I had learned to potty outside, and not tear up his shoes.

Everything was going great for me. I loved my new little family, and
longed to be with them, and please them. I could hardly wait for little
Jimmy to come home from school so that he could play with me.

But suddenly, when becoming one year old, my life took a drastic turn.
For now that I was no longer “the cute little pup on the block”, and the
newness of having me had worn off, no one paid any attention to me any
more, and now I was all alone.

Then one day, little Jimmy’s father came and grabbed me by the neck,
and drug me to a cage in the back of our yard. This would become my new home;
a place for me to live out the remainder of my life.

Days would come and go, and I’d long to see them so,
but that didn’t happen any more. Other than the minute or two that it took little
Jimmy to throw food and water into my cage, I saw no one.

I’d sit in my cage all day long, trying my best to see what the world
was like on the other side of the fence; fearing I’d never know.
I’d hear children playing in the distance, yearning for them to speak to me;
fearing they never would.

Then came the winter winds, chilling me to the bone as I lay shivering
alone in the dark night. I could hardly wait for the morning sun to
warm me, while all along still dreading the beginning of a new day.

I could only wonder why my family kept me. Why hadn’t they had the
decency to give me to another family who’d love me, not just as a little pup,
but forever, even though I’d grown up and the excitement was over.

If only for a moment my family would walk in my paws,
they’d know that I too have feelings, for I hurt, cry,
and even dream of being free one day.
But you know, they never will, for to them I’m just a dog.

Maybe one day before I’m dead and gone, they’ll realize how sad they’ve
made my life by denying me the privilege of being loved.
If not by their family, through the loving arms of an adopted one.


Always remember that I am your responsibility.

Always remember that I will require discipline, or I will become unruly;
just as your child does.

Always remember that I will require grooming in order to smell good and
look my best; just as you do.

Always remember that I will require daily exercise when locked in a pen,
or I will become sad, fat, and depressed; just as you would.

Last but not least I will require LOVE, for without it, my life wouldn’t
be worth living; just as yours wouldn’t.

So if you can’t give me LOVE, then please give me A-WAY, so that once
again I’ll have the will to live some day.

Love, Maggie

P.S. I just wanted to share with you that dreams can, and do, come true.
For my master finally released me, and took me to the Humane
Shelter where I was later adopted by a nice lady, Agatha Weeks;
my spokesperson, and my best friend.

Author: Agatha Weeks
Copyright © 2006

This is the sad story of not just Maggie, who is one of the lucky ones, but of so many dogs that sit alone, abandoned and neglected every day. Dogs are not toys or disposable, not to be gotten on the spur of the moment or a whim! they are living, breathing, feeling, loving creatures. They are a lifetime commitment that will love you unconditionally, totally and completely and ask so little in return.

Read that poem again and then share it with everyone you know and ask them to do the same. These words need to find those people who don’t realize, who don’t understand or worse, who just don’t care. If it can release just one from that lonely prison, that will be one that is save from a life of misery….

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