Update 4/29/09 – Update on Smiley… er, I Mean Kyley

Smiley, the dog that was at the center of controversy for so long, is now safe.  This is a story that I have been following for quite a while and had serious doubts about a happy ending.

Smiley’s story began more than a year ago when Bob Baker and Barbara Moran attempted to adopt him but they, and many others, were barred from doing so by WAIF.  Then Baker and Moran decided to push and got lawyers involved, they believed Smiley deserved a chance and all of the sudden Smiley was deemed “unadoptable” and was slated for euthanization.  The Morans say it’s because WAIF said Smiley is a pit mix, WAIF says it’s not about breed but behavior.

Lawsuits were files and the Smiley saga played on and on in the courtroom, media and public opinion.  He was given stays of execution while a judge made a decision then something happened that changed everything, on February 6, 2009, Smiley was stolen from the animal shelter!

Eventually Smiley was found after being spotted in a dog park.  He’s been living with a woman who had no idea about his background.  A happy dog living a happy dog’s life but it wasn’t to last.  Smiley was seized and returned to WAIF.

Finally WAIF backed down and decided to give Smiley the chance he deserved all along.  Baker and Moran were gracious and appreciative.

And now Smiley is with RescuePups in Mill Creek.

There is much more to this story than I could even get into here. You can check out Smiley’s blog HERE to read many of the details.

And as I was rejoicing over the wonderful news about Smiley I got the word that, sadly, there is another pit mix at WAIF that may be looking at the same problem.

howie3-09And now I get the word that there’s another “Smiley” at WAIF and his name is Howie.  Unbelievable!

You might also want to write or email the WAIF board c/o and ask what will happen now to Howie, who, like Smiley, has been caged and denied adoption as a supposed “pit/mix” for a long time – HOWIE The board president is Don Rowan and his email address is

When you look at his page now, it doesn’t list him as unadoptable but as “The best lap dog in the world.”

Please, don’t let Howie be another Smiley.  Write to WAIF and find out what’s happening with this beautiful boy.

Take the time to read Smiley’s story, the brief overview doesn’t even begin to touch everything that happened with this.  If was thanks to so many people who wrote and supported Smiley and Baker and Moran that Smiley is safe now.  Dogs need to be judges, not on their breed, but individually.

I’m smiling for one happy ending but will be writing to hopefully make sure that another has that same chance.

And a very special “Thank You!” to Sandra for keeping me updated!

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