Ok, this is going to be a bit of a rant and maybe not a nice one. Generally I try very hard to write somewhat conservatively. There’s no question I am biased, after all, this is a dog blog, so yeah, I am on the side of the dogs and those who work for their welfare and advocacy. Never tried to hide that, not that I could.

Now quite often I’ll get an email or come across a story that gets me so angry, just plain pissed off, and I’ll actually have to wait a day before I can even write about it so that my temper doesn’t boil over and I can write a decent piece, but let me tell you, it chafes!! I thank God every day for some of the people who comment on my stories because I know that I can count on them to say what I really want to but don’t.

My aim in to raise awareness and educate people about the cruelties and abuses that people visit on the innocent and defenseless victims who have no voice of their own. I want to show the world these pieces of trash that are so low that they take out their rage and frustrations and insecurities on those who cannot fight back. If I had my way I’d personally brand each and every one of them so the whole world could see what scum they are!

Today I did a piece about a wonderful woman, Carol Crocker, in Rainsville, AL. Now the county has no shelter or animal control so they just drop off the unwanted and strays to her. She takes them in, vets them and cares for them herself with no help from anyone, financially or otherwise. Now all of the sudden it seems some neighbors are complaining so the good ole mayor and everyone else is going along with a court mandate that she needs to get rid of about 100 dogs, not that the county has ever had any laws about how many pets or animals you could have. All these people who have used for for 10 years and no one is standing up for her! Oh, did I mention she lost her home to arson and is now living out of an old barn since every penny goes to caring for her charges, the dogs she so loves that everyone dumped in her??

What the hell kind of low-life bastard politicos would do something like this?? Well, let’s see… his name is Donnie Chandler, Mayor,
City of Rainsville,
P.O. Box 309,
Rainsville, AL 35986.

Thanks for the info Andrea!

By the way, it’s an election year for good ole Donny, let’s let him know what we think of him and what he’s allowing to happen!!

And now I have a couple of stories in the works for tomorrow, one about another rescue poser who is a breeder and broker and to top is off, this piece of trash is operating practically in my back yard!! Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be calmed down enough to write a ‘polite’ piece but right about now I’m not feeling too polite. I hold those in rescue in the highest regard and do know some personally. They give their everything. They are not in it for the money or the glory but to save live savaged by neglect or abuse. People who call themselves ‘rescuers’ but are nothing of the sort are some of the lowest forms of life there are, preying on the innocent and the soft-hearted. They’d take you last nickel and smirk behind your back! These kind of people need to be exposed to for world to see what they really are!

And then there’s the ‘personalities’ who think they can say whatever they want to say regardless of who they hurt like some stupid radio personalities out of Florida who are pitbull bashers. Don’t pitbulls have it hard enough with the media and stupid ignorant cretins bashing them up one side and down the other already? Pitbulls, one of the most abused and maligned ‘breeds’ of dogs that exist today! What a bunch of bullshit! I’d like to take a horsewhip to all of them and let them live just one day in the paws of some of these dogs.

I recently got new neighbors and they have two dogs, one of them a sweet and beautiful brindle pitbull. One of the first things another neighbor said was, “Oh my God, is that a pitbull?” in an accusatory and fearful tone of voice. This is what the media and so many others do to perpetrate the bullshit hype. Like so many, this is one of the sweetest, friendliest dogs you can ever imagine… and luckily rescued from a druggie before it was too late!

How do you educate idiots who don’t listen or even have the brain matter to understand anything?? And people wonder why animal advocates sometimes go to extremes to get their message across? No, I don’t advocate violence and am not a violent person but sometimes….

Anyway, thanks for ‘listening’ and letting me get this off my chest, I could go on and on but for now I am going to call it a night. I really do get tired of trying to be ‘nice’ and compared to many, yes, I am nice and polite. I don’t want to scare people off, I want them to see and hear and understand. Dogs and animals live and feel and think and hurt. People who visit pain and abuse and neglect upon them are wastes of human life and just one tiny step from inflicting the same against another person. So next time someone starts whining about people caring more for dogs or animals than for their fellow human beings, think of these abusers and think who may be next??

And by the way, yeah, I actually do care more for my dogs and pets than for most human beings… especially with the examples that I write about every day, who can blame me??

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