I don’t think there’s too many people out there by now who haven’t heard the horrors of dogfighting and how lax and lenient the laws are regarding this despicable crime.

The Humane Society of the Unites States recently released the list of the ‘Best and Worst State Dogfighting Laws.’ Where does your state stand? Sadly I have to say that my home state of Wisconsin ranks 38th. Not too great!

In WI, dogfighting is a felony but being a spectator or owning fighting dogs are both just misdemeanors.

Do you want to do something and help make a difference?

American Humane is sponsoring legislation called the Federal Dog Protection Act and has created a petition for support.

The Federal Dog Protection Act addresses these issues of cruelty, providing much needed protection to the animals that are pulled into this barbaric blood sport. This bill is necessary to adequately punish anyone who not only operates and engages in, but also attends and otherwise supports, dog-fighting events. In addition, the bill bans the use of the U.S. Postal Service to mail dog fighting paraphernalia and has a civil suit provision.

Will you take just a moment to sign this petition and then get the word out. Send it to friends and family, anyone you know who cares! Make a difference today!

Sign the Petition – Stop Dogfighting Now

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