You’re probably just as disturbed as we are by the felony dogfighting charges against NFL quarterback Michael Vick. We’re proud to bring you an urgent action alert today from our partner Working Assets and to urge Nike to drop their lucrative sponsorship of Michael Vick immediately. Thank you for caring and acting today!

Does Michael Vick Fit
Nike’s Corporate Responsibility Goals?

The allegations of animal abuse are simply shocking. Nike should cancel Michael Vick’s endorsement contract immediately.
Take action now!

Tell Nike: Cancel Michael Vick’s Endorsement Contract

Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick was indicted last week on felony charges of dog fighting. Contained in the indictment are even more disturbing allegations: that Vick himself tortured and killed several animals who were wounded or could not fight.

When authorities raided Vick’s Virginia house they found, among other things, 66 dogs (mostly pit bulls), a dog-fighting pit, bloodstained carpets and equipment commonly associated with dogfighting. Yet despite this evidence, Nike has not yet canceled their multimillion-dollar endorsement deal with Vick. This is simply wrong — and needs to change right away.

Click here to tell Nike: cancel Michael Vick’s endorsement contract.

Nike has also said it has no plans to pull merchandise bearing Vick’s name from store shelves. In contrast, even the owner of Vick’s football team, the Atlanta Falcons, has seen fit to suspend him from the NFL owing to the sickening nature of the charges against him

We agree with Nike, of course, that Mr. Vick is entitled to his constitutional rights of due process under the law. However, there’s no constitutional guarantee of a lucrative endorsement deal. Nike should be thinking long and hard right now; your messages will let them know that the American public does NOT approve of the vicious and bloodthirsty practice of dogfighting.

Click here to send messages to Nike’s CEO and V.P. of Corporate Responsibility that they should drop Michael Vick’s endorsement contract immediately.

Cruel and inhumane activities such as dogfighting will continue unabated unless powerfully rebuked from all sectors of our society. Nike needs to step up and play their part, so please take action today.


To read the entire 19 page indictment, download it HERE


For more background and information as wll as all the up to date stories, please see – Michael Vick and Dogfighting


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