A vet in American Humane’s mobile veterinary clinic operates on one of the distressed dogs from a puppy mill raid.

On Sept. 29, the state of Maine’s animal welfare program seized about 200 dogs from an unlicensed kennel or “puppy mill.”

American Humane’s 82-foot-long Rescue Rig was right there on the scene to help these dogs when they needed it most!

Thank American Humane for their care of puppy mill victims!>>

These dogs had been living in disgusting, deplorable conditions. Many of them were malnourished, injured or afflicted with infectious diseases.

American Humane is still providing care and rehabilitation to these poor puppies who have been through nothing in their young lives but mistreatment and pain.

Thank American Humane for their love of dogs and their fight against puppy mills!

Together, we can make change a reality.

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