Portuguese Water DogAs always happens when the media or movies popularize a dog breed, the American public wants it, whether it’s the right dog for them or not.  Since Michelle Obama announced that the choice may be a Portuguese Water Dog, you know unscrupulous breeders are gearing up for production and the shelters are also gearing up, to take in the dogs when people decide that a PWD was not the right dog.

Reputable breeders of PWDs aren’t happy either.  PWDs are a relatively uncommon breed and good breeders are very fussy about their dogs and future owners of their dogs.  Dog breeder Lisa McClish is already getting calls for the type of dog the first family has said they will adopt and she isn’t real pleased. Puppy millers aren’t going to give a damn as long as they can fill their pockets.

Shelters are already filling up with lab puppies, popularized by the “Marley & Me” movie, just like they did with Chihuahuas and Dalmatians after movies made them popular.

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