chained_dog_lgWe’ve all heard the sad and heartbreaking stories of the lives of chained and backyard dogs and statistics show us the these are the dogs that are most likely of attack and bite due to territorialism and utter boredom.  In those cases, the life of the dog is usually forfeit and the idiots who chained them up in the first place just go get another to place at the end of the chain.

Well, here’s a piece of writing about a chained dog with a twist which I think most of us will like and appreciate!


The family’s dog was bought to guard,
Chained to a post in a chilly backyard,
House in a shed that was airless and dark,
And every few weeks had a run in the park.

When boredom set in with no fun and no work,
One day it broke loose and went quietly berserk,
Pa couldn’t fathom just why it went wild,
As it flattened his wife and then bit his child.

The police were called in to sort out the mess,
And the whole sorry tale was revealed in the press,
The Rescue Society was really annoyed,
So, the dog was re-homed, and the owners destroyed.

~Author unknown~

If only, if only! In this the true victim is finally protected and cared for while the true criminal is made to pay for the crime. No PC but you gotta admit, it’s a good one! 🙂

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