We’re getting closer and closer to that holiday time of year and no doubt many families are already thinking about it.  You can bet puppy millers are all gearing up to fill those pet stores and newspapers and internet with thousands and thousands of cute little puppies.  Puppies from parents that live in puppy mill hell.  It’s not too early to start getting the word out and he’s a great little interview with Laura Maloney, Senior VP of the ASPCA Anti-cruelty talking about adding a new furry family member. Prospective pet owners may be enticed by the cute puppy in the window, but purchasing that dog helps support an industry that far too often practices animal cruelty.

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Now I do know that pretty much everyone who is a regular here already knows this but lets share this and get the word out to friends and family, encourage them to share it too.  It’s definitely not too early to get a campaign going to adopt for the holiday season if someone wants a new puppy or kitten, dog or cat.  Shelters are just packed with the economy and more and more people are surrendering pets because they can’t afford them, have to move somewhere they can’t have them or a whole laundry list of other reasons.  Make it a mission to give the gift of life.  If you can’t yourself, then spread the word!!

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